Tuesday, March 27, 2012

on following breezes

Here sits my desk. I was shown this spot by the most delicious breeze that sweeps in from the living room windows and out through the kitchen.  It was so convincing, I couldn’t argue.  Anne Shirley would understand, she knows a few things about breezes.  Next to me, a growing pile of boxes, no longer housing our things.  They’ve found shelves and closets and cabinets now.  Our new place.

And right here is the perfect spot for finding my own space to write and create.  Where the different parts of life meet, the playing and living, the cooking and cleaning, all these make up my days.  So here in the middle of it all, I claim this place, in the name of creativity, which is the sanity of life.

It would never work for me to find a secret corner away from it all, for this life and all of its responsibilities, they are the inspiration, the reason to create. It has to be right in the center of the action, the flow of life, the highs and lows.  The breeze showed me where.

The past few days have been a tiresome and rewarding process, the act of setting up a new home, creating the most comfortable, functional, and beautiful space that we can.  Always choosing what works best for our family, because we live here.  I can swoon over the magazine pages of perfectly manicured home just as much as the next girl, but where would the graham crackers and toys go, especially the ones I don’t prefer?  I’m learning the collision between beautiful and lived in and with the latter, the comes the first.  

Today we picked up sticks in our new back yard and took a wagon ride.  We collected pine cones and walked to the park that we can see down the street from our bedroom windows.  We watched for birds to dine at our new feeder and we only saw one little fellow, dressed in black and white, no doubt headed to a fancy gala.

The sunshine followed us inside for lunch and then the breeze beckoned me here to just write.


  1. happy new home to you. did you move cities? You spoke before of needing to move often, do you feel better having moved? :)

    1. We move only 10 minutes away, out of an apartment into a small rental home! A home with a yard and a garage and a laundry room. Also, nobody living upstairs or downstairs to stop and yell and throw parties when we want to sleep. We are so excited. It feels better, I feel like it's so much better for my kids to just be kids and for me to be relaxed.

  2. Oh, honey - I LOVE your blog. Like obsessively love. Your writing is gorgeous and I so would love to take you for coffee, listen to you speak and make you my friend. Just so you know.Thanks for sharing your beautiful voice.

  3. So true! Beauty does come from being lived in!


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