Friday, May 18, 2012

How to make someone's day.

Hello Friday people,

I have an iced coffee and sunshine waiting for me, but I can’t miss this opportunity to encourage and plaster the world with awareness.  My friend Jessica of A Little Gray was a designer in the Project Run & Play competition this season.  PR & P is basically an online Project Runway for kids clothes and it’s pretty intense all the skills these ladies possess.

Anyways, Jessica has this amazing fun, unique, and playful style that makes you think she’s the coolest person around, probably true.  She’s also this insanely talented quilter, not kidding, and has two adorable kids.  My friend Nick is so fortunate to have married her. 

Today she is in the final three and she needs your votes! There is nothing to sign, no information needed, only two clicks.  So, basically it’s the easiest thing you could ever do and it would be the greatest if she wins. 

This is her contribution for this week’s competition, A Small Town Summer, isn’t it perfect!

Go HERE to vote for A Little Gray’s A Small Town Summer!  Thanks so much. Seriously, Go JESSICA!

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