Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Golden Life

It’s the best kind of fall day, warm in the sun, cool in the shade.  Shadows of leaves dance on the couch.  You could drink this stuff up and never tire.  New music from Bob Dylan and The Avett brothers.  Afternoons with my boy are calm and sweet.  Curious George and cars for him, art projects for me.  I sat in the yellow chair and he immediately joined me.  Take a picture of mama and Hudson, he asked, so we did.  He kept putting his little hand up to make our faces into squished up little duo.  He sighed and said, I love you mama.

This morning my baby girl got in trouble and she was so very sad, she asked to go night night at 10am.  She collected her favorite blanket and that smelly grey shirt and burrowed deep into my arms.  I stroked her hair. What a thing this is, motherhood, we must discipline to teach right and wrong and then cuddle to fill them up again.

These days, so full of sweet and struggle, it’s the ever-changing blend of parenthood.  Full. Tough. Wonderful.

At the bottom of a box of fabric, I found a can of gold spray paint.  It was the perfect inspiration for today. Something magical about this Thursday.  Yesterday was cool and rainy, full of conversations over coffee and tea. It left my tank full from the power of real conversation and quality time and now it’s overflowing onto canvases and through cans of spray paint.

My dearest friends and I play this game, What color are you feeling today? 

My answer can be found below.





Your turn….

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  1. "These days, so full of sweet and struggle, it’s the ever-changing blend of parenthood. Full. Tough. Wonderful."
    What a lovely little piece of truth that thought is. : )


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