Wednesday, May 20, 2015

An Anthem for an Army


On the evening of my 31st birthday.


To the artist, the poet, the writer, the dancer, the singer of songs, the one who molds clay, the crafter, and the storyteller, and you with your beautiful trade. 

To the ones who dare to create, to the ones who are almost brave enough to try, and the ones who still seek. 

I write this for you, but also for me.  Today, I almost gave in to the corruption of comparison.  I nearly set foot down the dark path of self-pity, the one that robs us of our spark.  It happens, you know this too?  The creative life is like walking a tight rope, so many tricky steps and such awareness of the risks.  It is terrifying and empowering. And perhaps more than being the path not taken, it’s one greatly misunderstood.

Do not let your scream be silenced.  Your voice is authentic and rare, not to be lost in the chorus of another’s song.  Your words, your dreams, the light in which you see this dazzling world, shine it in the darkness.

The opposition is strong and often deafening. Stand tall with the tools of your trade in hand and fight valiantly the battle against the mundane, the fraudulent, and the ordinary.  Forge ahead knowing that you do not stand alone, but belong to a an army of minds who have dared to change the world.  Among them, the ones we admire today who were so overlooked and unknown in their own time.  Yet, did they not leave their mark?  In song, in colors, in words, in thought.  Carry on.  Climb to the top of the steps they’ve built and keep going.  For together, we are bright.  We dare to believe that we have something to say. Let us illuminate the earth with the gifts we’ve been given.

The rippling fields, the roaring waves, the towering mountains, and more await our noticing eyes.  The souls that live and breathe are our characters. The earth is our scene.  The days are our stage.  Let us splash our hearts across them without fear.  Let us chant our songs and send them riding on the winds that sweep over the land.  Let us fill the empty spaces with colors and stories that tell of hope, truth, beauty and goodness.  Ask your questions. Scream your fears into the thunder. 

When you are empty, stop and be refilled.  When you are lost, close your eyes to see the way.  In confusion, stand under the stars.  In fear, dance to a really good  song.  If your dream is too big, write it down anyway.  And when you are full and spilling over, create, oh please create.

Bring who you are and what you have.  Dare and dream.  Cry and pray.  Mold. Scrap. Sketch. Write. Imagine.  Create, yes please, create!  For we are given these days and we are entrusted these tools.

This place is our cathedral.  Let it burst with light.


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