Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Old Treasures Made New

I'm always on the hunt for new pieces that will continue to make my home just a bit more eclectic, it's like a treasure hunt.  Well most recently, I wandered on the Craigslist's free posts and found this bench, willing to go to a new home.  

The story of how we acquired this one will never be forgotten.  Some highlights include: meeting Nancy & Kenneth, learning their complete family history, including the family photo wall, you know the one your parents have, that you would prefer they didn't show to every single guest who entered the door, hearing all about their four adopted children and retirement, checking out the bass boat,  seeing all the remodeling projects going on in their home, and finally getting lost on the dark, winding roads of central Tennessee.  Forty-five minutes later, we leave with not only the bench, but a dresser, that they were thinking of giving away,
(guess who really needed a dresser?)

Here's the dresser, it's pretty nice, but I'm already thinking to fun ways to change it.  Any suggestions?  We are really grateful for that one, seeing as how we needed a dresser since October, but didn't want to spend the money, and after waiting patiently, we were blessed with one.

Spring is here and that means garage sales, I'm excited about all the new treasures that I may find... we'll definitely be putting garage sales in the budget, this time.  Like any other girl, I do enjoy the shopping, but I'm pretty sure the hunt for treasures is much better when the price tag is next to nothing.

P.S.  I would like to dedicate the blog to my favorite magazine that is no longer with us, Domino, shown in the first picture.


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