Monday, May 18, 2009

but a longing fulfilled is the tree of life...

I feel like today has been an exceptional day.  It has been an exceptional day. It has.

1.  My newest card, "No Remedy, " was featured on Red Bubble's page, which means that out of hundreds of new pieces that were added today, it was added to the featured gallery for all the people to see.  That made my day, right there.

2.  I received word that a $1400 dollar hospital bill was completely taken care of by the hospital's financial assistance program.  Praise God from whom all blessing flow!!

3.  While checking in on some of the blogs that I follow, namely, The English Muse, I am scrolling through a collection of inspiring photos and... what?  I see "No Remedy," and my name.  I pretty much freaked out, a lot. Why?  I've always had the support and encouragement of my friends and family, in my artistic endeavors, but I know I'm not alone in thinking about how great it would be to have strangers enjoy my art.  I know being mentioned in a blog is a far cry from the Louvre, but it's a big deal to me.  Today people are appreciating my art, not because it's mine, but because it's art. 

What can I say, the excitement is jumping up and down inside of me, good thing I had that massage today.  It's been an exceptional day and tomorrow, I celebrate my birthday.


  1. What wonderful blessings! Congrats, Liv - and Happy Birthday!!

  2. How very exciting! Happy (belated) birthday!


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