Tuesday, May 3, 2011

petite feet

The other day, I stared at a pair of the baby girl’s boots.  I stared and stared and stared… and then I studied and examined and contemplated and stared some more.  I might have looked silly if anyone saw me, gazing at a baby shoe, but after a while, I stopped the staring and set to work.  On nearly the fifth attempt, I came up with this.

I finished another pair this morning. 

Can I be honest?  I am wild about this pair, positively wild. 
Here’s some more honesty.  Baby shoes are no picnic, they are tiny and require meticulous details which are two of my least favorite things, meticulous and details, but I love this new challenge.  Most of all, I love the design aspect, so if you have any extra shoe-making elves around, send them m way.  I pay in coffee and fabric scraps.
I’m not sure if this is going to turn into something more, but I wouldn’t hate that… for now, I’m still working out the how-to aspect and I’ll have to figure out just what to do with my practice pieces.
Maybe I’m crazy, headbands one day, baby shoes the next, paintings, dresses, toys… oh my, but I was made for this creating business and I see no reason to pick just one.  And I know I’m not the only one who would say that in this crafting/designing/creative blogging community.
Now.. about those elves? Do they also babysit? And clean houses?


  1. wow these are so adorable! well done. i love reading the creative things your doing. and your kids are so cute!

  2. Liv, those boots are so cute!! Well done! :)

  3. Yup! I'm totally wild about that second pair too! GORGEOUS!! And no, creativity should not be limited at all. :D

  4. They are so adorable! She wears them WELL!

  5. EEEK!!! Those are adorable. I want a pair for me.



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