Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A birthday quilt


She’s nearly one, that girl of ours. And so her birthday was decidedly the perfect time to venture into the new territory of quilting. It’s a slippery slope, isn’t it?  While I was surrounded with measurements and fabrics strips and tags, all I could think was, I want to quilt everything. 

The front is entirely from fabric  I already had {minus the pink back}.  My thought was if it didn’t turn out, no real loss, just practice, and I’d pick buy more and make a new one.  Except the thing is, I love every combination.  I love how the strips from past projects come together in celebration of her first year.


My most favorite part is above on the left, the strips ended up being too short and I added the red polka dots to the end, and like magic, it was perfect.  The Traveler quilt pattern is from Little Things to Sew, from Oliver +s, and my project for the sew along this month.


In other news: Something to read.  Something to bake.


  1. YAY! This came out incredibly cute. It's perfect! I love the fabric combos and your quilting and binding look so great. Total slippery slope :)

  2. I love quilting! My grandmother used to belong to a quilting club and during the summer, I would be up there with her as well every Tuesday and Thursday, quilting away. Although, when I was little, they made me quilt with red thread instead of the white that they used so, in case I messed up, they could see it more easily to remove. There are quilts all over that have my red stitches on them. :)

    You did a fantastic job! I love it!

  3. LOVE IT! Fun to see this quilt as something completely different from that in the book--- but just as lovely!

  4. Love the quilt! Nicely done! Maybe we live close, and you could do one for me?!

  5. Beautiful! What a wonderful way to commemorate a birthday.


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