Thursday, January 19, 2012

tea + crafts


There’s a negative sign in front of the temperature today, thankfully, I have nowhere else to be.  Like most days, I am perfectly fine with that, imagine having somewhere else that I had to be. We just turned on Ratatouille and the kids are eating their respective snacks out of cups.  The baby girl likes to pour her bunnies out and then put them back in one by one, just like everything else.  She already helps clean up the toys, unlike the other child who is carelessly eating cheerios, while half of them miss his mouth and land on the floor, totally unaware. Don’t worry, they are polar opposites and everyday we see it more. 

She picked out her own outfit today, as we stood in front of her closet, she reached for the dress with blue, purple, and yellow flowers. She reached for it yesterday too, so obviously, she’s trying to tell me something.  Earlier she fell over and bumped her head, brother ran over and said, “okay baby, fall down on the floor?”  She responded, muah, with a kiss.

He learned how to play his harmonica last night and now he runs around dipping at the knees, wearing a silly grin, playing a tune that would make Bob Dylan proud.

I’m drinking tea, because my throat requested it and getting things ready for that birthday party we are planning  with fabric covered jars and paper hearts. {find my pinterest inspiration board}

The end.


  1. Sounds like the perfect day, tea crafting and lovely family:)
    Jess x

    1. It was a good one, for sure. Thanks for the comment, I checked out your blog, I'll definitely be reading more. Have a great evening.


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