Friday, February 18, 2011

The H & H Weekly #3

Here’s your weekly dose of those sneaky little things, who are very good at making demands and requiring all of your time and energy.  Good thing I like them.


look at those blue eyes.


  This one probably needs a proper  haircut, but it’s very Jude from Across the Universe and you know I love that.

Every time my mom comes over, she wants to brush his hair, part it smoothly, and tuck it behind his ears, which is something that she has been trying to do to me for my whole life.  Instantly, I give it a little toss and mess it back up.

because, we don’t brush our hair… we’re rock stars.


  1. keep it punk rocking as long as you can hudson! i love it too!

    and i can't believe how big harper looks already. those bright blue eyes!

  2. they're both so gorgeous. harper's growing so fast! ;( i mean it's wonderful and all, but i need to hold her soon! ;)


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