Friday, July 15, 2011

a deliciously grey rain

Today it is deliciously grey, windows are open, and the sweet aroma of renewing rain is filling the air.  Thunder and lightning conversing back and forth.  I’ve got a thing for rain.

The way it beckons us to be still, to slow down.  The way it pours out upon the earth, all our trees and flowers, refilling all the lakes and rivers, feeding all the gardens, creating all the puddles simultaneously; just as God is with all of us, always, refreshing and refilling and creating. 

Being in the middle of this first year of mothering two little wonders,   even my most caffeinated words could not express the range of emotions and the depth of my exhaustion.  It’s something, isn’t it?  Something fierce, difficult, and wonderful. This motherhood gig is not for the faint of heart. 

Thankfully, the only time we actually have to do it on our own is when we neglect to remember the one who is always with us.  If we were smarter and less tragically human, we’d never forget. But, we do. All the time.

So, as the rain steadily falls, as the rhythm of boom and crash echoes throughout the air, I drink in my own downpour of renewal, I breathe deeper, and I stop forgetting.

“I am with you always.” Matthew 28:20

a deliciously grey rain.



  1. catching up on you and yours and loving what i see.

    this rain is heavenly, is it not? enjoying the dark and the sound of thunder and pouring rain. makes those creative juices flow.

    LOVE the new painting and the ebook sleeve! just could not pick a sleeve, i like them all. will be thinking about it further and placing an order at some point.

    enjoy your day and remembering. xo

  2. Matthew 28:10 is a wonderful verse to remember :)


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