Sunday, July 17, 2011

this is easy as lovers go.

Last night around 10pm, the father of my children and I rearranged the entire living room.  We got rid of the very last piece of furniture that he had from his bachelor days, I think he almost cried, but probably not. Meaning that our entire home is full of things that we have acquired together, in our almost four years of marriage and three moves.  Is that romantic or what? 

All of this happened because that son of ours was getting a new bed, a real live (not really living) twin bed, since we are attempting the merger of our offspring into the same room.  Little did he know that last night was his very last night in his crib turned toddler bed forever! And to think that he won’t even remember. Ha. 

Anyways, I love staying up late and working on things when those children are sleeping, mainly because we can actually accomplish something, but it’s fun to have uninterrupted hours of just us, sans the whole parenthood bit.    Let me tell you, that boy of ours, he’s a heavy duty sleeper, we cleared out and moved two major pieces of furniture from his room, while he was sleeping… he didn’t even flinch.  That girl baby needs to learn a few things about sleep from her brother.  We’d all be happier for it.

And since this merger is starting, I finally get to set up her crib bedding and do lots of fun little projects to make their room equally boy/girl awesome-sauce. 

Here’s a little preview.



P.S. I’m kind of into using song lyrics as my post titles lately, so if you feel confused, don’t.


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