Thursday, May 8, 2008

While waiting for baby, grow grow grow...

I have also started a new hobby, something to cross of the list of things I've always wanted to do.

Gardening- Check.

As much gardening as one can do from a second floor apartment balcony, I got a few plants and herb seeds, to grow my own fresh herb garden.

All that nurturing is finally blooming, my friends. (pun intended.)

A long winter... of sorts.

After three.five months of just focusing on being alive and newly pregnant, which is so exciting, I'm starting to feel better and my creativity is coming back. Honestly, I hardly have done anything resembling creating... I have missed it so.

As it seems that everywhere you look there are babies coming, my sister-in-law just had a precious little girl, whom we are utterly excited to meet this weekend. I have been slowly, ever so slowly working on a little baby blanket for my first niece.

For my birthday, I was given a sewing machine, which was daunting at first, but I can successfully say that after two days, I may have mastered the beast...

(Now my sister-in-law doesn't really check this, so I hoping that anyone who sees it before Sunday will not immediately call and wish to chat about the project.)

I'm pretty proud of the blanket. It's one of a kind, just the way I like it.