Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: in posts

I love the feelings of reflection and thought that the end of each year brings… looking back through my blog, I’ve gathered some of my favorite posts… words that moved me, things that made me smile, items that inspired… moments that have been my life this year.  Enjoy.  I tried to narrow it down to ten… but failed.
  1. a pretty picture
  2. this very exciting day
  3. a list for life
  4. making this little number
  5. making toys for the cutest little boy ever
  6. the first Inspire party
  7. reading this  bit of brilliance
  8. writing about this special person
  9. more sewing fun
  10. something I learned from a little boy
  11. this moment with my baby
  12. witnessing the Northern Lights
  13. visiting this place.
What were some of your favorite moments or memories that you’ve recorded?

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Last week, some friends gathered for our second annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Extravaganza.
1. An event always sounds better if it’s annual.
2. An event always sounds better if it’s an extravaganza.

Katy Bell is old enough to help decorate now.  She’s also old enough to eat cookies.  She’s also old enough to try and consume an entire little jar of sprinkles before her mom notices, because if mommy doesn’t stop her then she is totally allowed.  This is one of the funniest little girls that I know.
 IMG_1764 IMG_1765
Do you see the super cute and somewhat Asian gingerbread man?  All credit goes to Melissa.
 IMG_1766 IMG_1767
Also, it appears that the Pillsbury Doughboy showed up on our cookies…
Here’s an example of cookie decorating gone too far… we all knew adding the purple icing to the orange/green glitter tree would be a mistake.
and… I made my little family in cookies. then we ate them.
Holy sugar land.  So much frosting licked off fingers. So many cookies consumed. So much fun.

Monday, December 14, 2009

pretty things that I wouldn’t hate to own.

Have you ever seen such pretty books?  Even if I hated reading, which I don’t, I’d love to just have them on my mantle.

Ohh, they are lovely…

Cuisinox COF3206 Espresso Stovetop Coffeemaker

The more coffee I drink, the more espresso I want in my life.  These little stovetop espresso makers are so cute… and brew just the right amount.

pretty, perfect, yummy, delicious… all of it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thinking of...

Good News:  All the scarves are sold out of the shop for now.
{That is good news for me.  Bad news for you.}
Good News:  I'm working on more, stay tuned.
{This is good news for  you.}

I don't have much new to write right now, but I'm thinking a lot about this post today...

It was truly one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.  EVER.

Can you remember your most beautiful moments.  Where you found God even when you weren't looking?  When He showed up in the most glorious and unexpected way and you'll never forget it.

I saw Him that night watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky to the melody of WHO HE IS.
I see Him standing on the shore, listening to the crashing waves, rhythmically chanting His wonder
I see Him in moments of perfect peace as my little boy falls asleep in my arms, thinking, wow, he's really ours.

What are some of your moments....I'd love to hear them.

I have this great joy and excitement about Christmas.  I just feel so blessed.
Even if I didn't receive a single gift...  I HAVE SO MUCH.

There are people who have nothing, not even a coat to stay warm, how many do I have?

Now, I love all the festivities and merriment of the season, the parties, the family, the gifts, the traditions, the food, the fun.... I love love love it... but it seems like a great big cherry on top of the sundae...

because without it... everything would still be wonderful, just wonderful.

Sure the husband still doesn't have a job, it's been nine months... but we have paid all of our bills, never missed a meal, and even had a little fun here and there... isn't that in of itself a miracle?

I've been thinking that we have been waiting so long for something so great and miraculous to happen every day... that maybe, just maybe we forgot to notice the miracle that was already taking place... God was taking care of us the whole entire time.... and nothing beats that.

Hmm, maybe I did have something to say after all.

He loves us, oh how He loves us.... He sure does.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Thursday List

This is one of the first times in a while that I have actually felt busy, as in my life.  I know that may cause some of you to laugh, but I’m not one who likes to be overly scheduled or always doing something… much less, always doing more than one human can possibly do.  {ahem, my friends, you know who you are… And I love you for it!!}  But there are lots of fun things going on… 
So, I have about 10 minutes before we enjoy some divine grilled cheese sandwiches with havarti and tomato soup… made by the sandwich king, of course.  Man, he’s a good husband.  Here’s the thing about grilled cheese and tomato soup… you can never outgrow the goodness and warmth it brings to your soul. 
Anyways, I only have enough focus for a list post and that is fine with me because I’ve been known to enjoy a good list here and there.  Not so much the “to do” lists, but the fun ones, like:
ten things I love about today OR
reasons why I belong in Europe OR
reasons why I would be a good ruler of the world…. I would, by the way…
So, in honor of feeling busy…
The Thursday Special
  1. Yesterday, someone ordered 4 Olivia Moore Art + Design calendars from my RedBubble site…that was the first thing to make my day.
  2. I finished and posted Lady Cordelia to the shop and within hours, she sold…. that was the second thing that made my day.
  3. I won a giveaway, from Design Mom!!
    !  An awesome giveaway… We’re talking super cute photo Christmas cards from, which is a fantastic site by the way.  I so badly wanted to mail out pretty little cards this year and it didn’t look like that was going to happen… then voila… that was the third thing that made my day.
  4. Here’s something less worthy of day making, my poor little boy was injected with way too many shots today and while I am not at all interested in a great vaccine debate, I just feel like the whole reason behind giving so many shots at once is more of a convenience for the health care professionals, an attempt to vaccinate the population as fast as possible, not so much for the health of little ones.  I do feel like they are beneficial in this crazy world we live in and with the goals and dreams of travel we have for our family… they are important… but I think with the rest of the kids we have… we might opt for an alternative schedule.  Ok, to end that discussion as quickly as possible, this is my final thought… THERE MUST BE A MORE HUMANE WAY FOR THE SHOTS TO BE ADMINISTERED THAN FOR POOR, LOVING MOMMY TO HAVE TO HOLD HER SWEET, LITTLE BOY DOWN SO THAT SOME “MEAN” NURSE CAN POKE HIS NICE, SOFT SKIN WITH A NEEDLE…. more humane for baby and certainly less painful for mommy.  Ugh, it’s terrible.
  5. Moving on, it’s Thursday night and I can’t wait for The Office, it’s the most brilliant thing on television as far as I’m concerned.
  6. Finally, I have lots of cool scarves that I want to start, but I already have a few special orders, which is SO SO exciting… so you better believe that this weekend, when I’m not enjoying hot cocoa or attending the local tree lighting or chasing the little boy around the room or wearing fuchsia leggings… my little hands will be knitting, knitting, knitting…
and that’s what busy looks like to me. I have a good life, yes, I do.