Thursday, April 28, 2011

free pattern month at grosgrain

All month long, Kathleen from Grosgrain is hosting free pattern month on her blog.  Every day, she has a great patterns from bloggers, for you. for free.

knot shorts tutorial by elsie marley

|Image: source|

I will be making these shorts soon, for myself.

Don’t miss out on this wealth of sewing goodness.

The H & H Weekly #13


Her dark blue eyes are slowly turning lighter.  Her hair is coming in blonde, deeply contrasted by the dark little curls that circle her face. She’ll be rolling over soon. And tomorrow, she graduates from college, that is if she wants to go to college.




The other day, I was shopping with my kiddos and the sister and I picked up a dress from the rack.  He pointed to it and said cute.  It made me day.

He is also trying to say, “I love you,” but it’s sounding more like, “I do.”  Which is pretty much the same thing.  This boy melts my heart.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a love letter

As I bask in the silence at the end of a day, I greet it as one would a dear friend, I delight in its presence.  The night brings a stillness that is so welcome.   A soft conclusion to the busy hours of a full life.  And yet, while my heart enjoys this brief quietude, my mind waltzes across the meadow of bits and pieces that are this existence.

As I check on my sweet sleeping babies, covered with handmade blankets in their beds, my whole being swells with bursting love.  As I take in the rhythmic rise and fall of their gentle, sleeping breaths, I  consider the stories they will tell with their lives.  I marvel that I am able to be a part of it, that God would choose me for this honor.  To be mommy to them.
And while this role requires a lot of me, I receive much in return.  I get to be the one that drinks in their glowing morning smiles as flowers drink in the fresh dew.  I collect their sweet sloppy kisses and hugs. I get to  take their sticky little hands in my own.  I get to hold them near as they seek comfort in my arms. I get to provide that safety they so desire. I get the smiles, the laughter, the love, the joy, the silly and the wonder.
To think I was entrusted the privilege of being the caretaker of these two priceless volumes of blank pages just waiting to be filled with remarkable words and adventures.   I get a front row seat as the sculptor stands before the block of marble and with each passing moment, I witness the growth and development of their lives, works of art that will change the world.  It’s as if I am the keeper of a beautiful garden, who nurtures, protects, nourishes, cleans, and loves until the seeds grow into blooming plants ready to reveal.  I was chosen to tend to the seeds that will yield fruits of character, ambition, hope, beauty, love, and possibilities.
The God of the universe knew me and knew them and decided that we belonged together and to each other.  He took my story and meshed it with that of another and He let our love give birth to these little wonders.
What magic, what spectacular goodness, these beautiful miracles that happen moment after moment, day after day, year after year.  This is love. Everyday. This is life. It’s magic.
Or if you prefer, today I changed endless amounts of diapers, entertained a wild little boy while the rain poured down, stopped him from climbing on his sister a dozen times, quieted a fussy baby over and over, picked up countless toys, prepared meals and snacks for a picky eater, cleaned a house, cooked dinner for my family, and tucked them all into bed…. only to do it all again tomorrow.

Monday, April 25, 2011


  • lovely lunches with my brothers and sisters on a Sunday afternoon
  • sunshine streaming through the windows
  • little boys playing in the yard
  • watching the grass come alive, so green
  • babies who sleep and quiet nights with my love at the end of long day
  • fresh out of bedhead babies, silly silly
  • sweet morning smiles
  • a hard-working husband who loves God and his family
  • A God who lives and saves and loves and leads and is.
|Image: Source|
  • morning espresso and homemade nutella on toast
  • a home, food, comfort, shelter, provisions
  • friends who make you laugh
  • the gift of creativity from a creative maker
  • books that move and inspire.
  • joyous news of friends and their new babies
  • wonderful news from friends who feared loss but found unbelievable joy instead
  • ability to trust your heart
  • dark chocolate with sea salt
  • meaning and purpose
  • two year olds who still want to hold your hand
 |Image: source|
  • the privilege of being a mommy, even when it’s hard
  • cultivating a happy, healthy, functional marriage and family
  • the last bit if ice melting from the lake, glory!
  • dreams, plans, ideas, inspiration
  • the combination of eggs and hummus, a revelation
  • Saturday afternoons with my sister baking, good cheese, pastries and French music
  • the gift of today

|image source|
Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world. – Sarah Ban Breathbach
What are you thankful for?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

re-fashion rampage

As I am itching for change/spring/sunshine/new clothes/all of the above, I’m tearing through boxes and clothes on a bit of a re-fashion rampage, and everything I see, I’m asking, how can I make that? what can I do with this?  It’s borderline obsessive as I’m trying to re-work perfectly good items that I am still using… but whatever.
I took this shirt and turned it into a headband and used the rest to sew a dress for the little lady. 

I used the same pillowcase dress pattern that I have been using to make the other dresses.  The ruffled button detail is from another shirt that I saved.
I love the colors and how it’s still cute and girly, but not obnoxiously obnoxious. After all, she’s a modern baby,
I’d even wear it…
Oh wait, I already did.

If you’ve been sewing anything I’d love to see it, send me a link in the comments!

nobody said it was easy, but the best things never are…


My mom used to say it doesn't matter how many kids you have... because one kid will take up 100% of your time so more kids can't possibly take up more than 100% of your time.  -Karen Brown

My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first one being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint. – Erma Bombeck

A two-year old is kind of like having a blender, but you don't have a top for it.
Jerry Seinfeld

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today's headband has three mustard & cream flowers with soft green leaves and silver buttons.
Remember there's just one... buy it here.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You might think this headband is crazy, but I had to make it.

I really love this one, like really.  I can think of a dozen people who might go into shock upon seeing it, in fact, I might be the only person in all the world who likes it.  I’m okay with this.

Heather Grey, Brown, Teal, and Orange Knit Crazy-Awesome Headband
This oversized headband is made from a shirt that I loved. It’s the right kind of crazy that needed to live on in another form.  It’s a jersey knit, super-soft, wild piece, completed with an elastic strap in the back.
It’s for the days when you don’t really want to do your hair, but you need a little something… which is me everyday.  It’s also for.. any day, any time, because your head needs a little excitement sometimes and it’s impossible to feel boring while wearing this.
So, to buy it click the button below.  It is absolutely impossible for me to recreate this one, so don’t wait too long, if it makes your little headband-loving heart skip a beat.

*If you click the button and are redirected to my online art shop, this headband has sold.


So, in my playtime, I like to make things, but you knew that.  Sometimes, I make crazy headbands and a few people have been interested in buying them.  Now, I don’t want to go all crazy and declare this my future business, but right now, I’m making headbands and they are for sale.  As I make them, I’ll be listing them here, available for purchase directly through paypal.  Fancy, huh? Today I have one ready to go to a fabulous head, know any?

Peach & Lace Flapper Wrap
Made with a peach colored fabric that has the most delightful vintage newsprint pattern, see it here.  Wide brown lace lines the wrap and makes up the bow.  The back has an elastic strap for easy wear. 
Most of my headbands will be one of a kind, because the fabrics and buttons that I use are often vintage and I have a limited supply. Also, because I like the designing part more than the re-creating.  If you want to buy this one, you can do so by clicking the ‘buy now’ button below.

Preview Image

*If it is sold and you click the button, you will be redirected to my online art shop.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The H & H Weekly #12

Do you see this?  I did NOT put her there.  I certainly did not. She had the nerve to scoot her cute, little butt off that blanket. She was very proud of herself too.  She plays with her hair all the time (see hand), which by the way, causes lots of attention wherever she goes. It’s like people have never seen a child with hair.

Children were not meant to be trapped indoors.  This one was crazy about running all around the Post Office Park, yes we have one of those.  He ran and ran and ran and found big sticks and threw those sticks.  Little boy euphoria. Summer will be amazing.

Friday, April 15, 2011

ampersand 4.15.11

It’s true. || source

love. || source

I need this. || source

Please send giant canvas, a.s.a.p || source magical. || source


have a lovely weekend, I hope it’s full of wonder and sleep….

especially mine.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

the restless are native

It’s been just over a year since we moved away from the first place we called home together.  Some days,  I miss it like crazy.  Others, I am glad to be in a city that is big enough for us to breathe.  Most days, I’m still wondering just why we are here. For how long? For what? And what is next? Truth be told, we feel less connected than we’ve ever felt anywhere.  We always thought this place would be a transition for us, but the transition generally suggests something new is coming and to be honest, we’ll valued citizens of Restlessville.   And the restless are native.

I love change. I crave the unknown, except on the days when knowing sounds cooler. 

I was just reading through something I wrote last year, right before our move and the sentiments from then feel even more true today.  Which is good, but also annoying.  Annoying, because when we said, “God, we trust your timing and your plan,“ He took us seriously and doesn’t feel the need to fill us in on those details. Ever.

.Anyways, I’m not looking for answers, because you surely don’t have them, but I found this and I know I need to remember it, especially on days like this.

We don’t have all the answers, but we do have dreams and we do believe that God has something greater for us… and that is all we need. – Me


So, there’s that. Thanks me.


The other day I saw the most beautiful painting with a quote that read,

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

I love this quote, but I also hate it, because I don’t think I’m very good at doing that.


Queen of Restlessville signing off…

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The H & H Weekly #11

Here’s the thing. There are seven days in the week. You can guarantee that one of those days each week, the H & H will happen.  I can’t be restricted to schedules, even if I create them myself.  Schedules and rules make me feel itchy and crowded in my soul.  So… even though yesterday was the start of week 12, you get 11 now, and that is how it works.

Someone has discovered her hands.  She’s all Sherlock Holmes about analyzing every little detail of her fingers and wrists. The other day, she grabbed H’s shirt when he was sitting on the floor by her and he tried to walk away.  He gave us the funniest look when he realized her grip was holding him back. She already is playing with her hair all the time.

  Mr. Skinny has a new favorite show, Mickey Mouse. We got tired of PBS complaining about losing their funding and so we are kind of loving Disney Junior right now.   Yes, my kid watches t.v., GASP! How do I even live with myself? He also likes to run around with no pants, but who doesn’t?  Anyways, his vocabulary is growing like crazy.  His newest words: toast, crash, doll, cheese. Most of these words he has picked from reading his books, isn’t it amazing how kids learn?

And that is what is happening with my H and h, learning machines.

Monday, April 11, 2011


The creative flow.  I’m feeling it something fierce. 

It could have to something to do with the ice melting, the grass reappearing, the beaming sunshine, and the fresh air floating in through my windows.  It could be all the walks we’ve been taking, discovering signs of life coming back in the form of Spring.  It might have something to with the baby sleeping 6-9 hours straight every night.  And, it is probably because, I actually picked up a paint brush and remembered that I was an artist.

Of course, when I say that I could be, I really mean that it is.  It’s the combination of everything and it’s a killer combination.  It’s hearing the inspiration and answering the call.  It’s recognizing the moment and sitting down to paint. It’s building cities out of cereal boxes with my little boy.  It’s making headbands for my baby girl.  It’s painting wooden letters and throwing them in a wire basket with fruit. It’s hot gluing ribbons to embroidery hoops, because you just feel like you should.  It’s allowing the creative energy that is pulsating through you to manifest. 

The key word in the creative flow is flow.  Picture a river, the water must keep moving, it needs an outlet, it needs to pour out into something bigger and bring life to new things… and if it does not, it turns into a stagnant ugly mess.  And that is gross.  Rivers aren’t greedy, they don’t try to trap all the water within their banks, because they know there will be more.  The source will not run dry, even droughts are temporary and the rains will come again.

Creativity is the same way. If you faithfully allow the creative energy to flow through you, the source will continue to supply more, but if you hoard it, it (or you) will turn into a stagnant ugly mess. 

And who wants that?

free at last, free at last

Let the heavens rejoice.  It’s finally nice enough to go outside. Hibernation is over!! No longer will the winter oppress us and trap us indoors with its frigid temps. In less than ten minutes we can walk to two different coffee shops, a bakery, the library, the beach, two parks, the train depot, and the marinas to watch the boats.  And that is exactly what we did at least three times this week.

Welcome Spring, you are lovely and I mean that like I’ve never meant it before.
PS.  I LOVE these pictures of my babies… and yes, I DO think my sunglasses could be even bigger.
How are you welcoming spring?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

the moment

When it’s cool and grey.

When the babes are asleep in their beds

And it’s just me with the stillness. The calm.  I feel it inside.  I know it is time.  To waste this moment would be neglectful and foolish. 

I gather the supplies.  I arrange them in front of me.  I pause. 

And then, I play.

My love

The Inspiration: When I was pregnant with my little boy, I started singing the song, Godspeed, from the Dixie Chicks, to him.  The line goes, “My love will fly to you each night on angel’s wings.”  On Tuesday, when I opened my sketchbook, I drew this.  I’m crazy about balloons these days.  I mean, I don’t actually like balloons, but I love them in art and pictures. They are so sweet and cheery, such delightful little messengers.

It felt so good to paint again.  It feels even better to have such strong inspiration that demands to be expressed. 

Hello dear friend. It’s been too long.


Today’s music: The Middle East

Friday, April 8, 2011

Cereal Town: Welcome Home

The morning was cool and crisp.  The sun was shining bright. The day had finally come, the one that citizens had been dreaming of… for minutes.  As the baby sister slept and the mama dreamed a morning free of toddlerfititis, Cereal Town was born.  Cereal Town, established 2011.

It started small, as all cities do, but within hours, it became a thriving metropolis.  Naturally, cereal town would never withstand an earthquake, being constructed of cardboard and scotch tape, but in its short life, it has already survived one natural disaster known as the fierce Hudson monster.

Cereal Town is a wonderful little town, with features that you might see wherever you live.

Yet, unlike some places, it prides itself on fiscal responsibility and government officials who actually want to keep it running, rather than run it into the ground. 

It is full of Dr. Seuss like trees and quaint flower gardens.

And much like other cities and animated films, the animals escape from the zoo. 

Cereal town is part city/part car playground, although owning a car here, may cost you a pretty penny.

Unless, you are the right kind of car.

Home of the raisin bran tower, the batman building (a tribute to Nashville), and the world famous l’arc de peanut butter.

Which is short for l’arc de peanut butter wafers.

And that’s Cereal Town, a place that prides itself of the virtues of being green and subtle advertising. 

Cereal Town, fun for all ages.  Welcome home.