Saturday, July 31, 2010

reawaken the dreams

I have these thoughts stirring inside of me, thoughts full of life, excitement, and possibilities.   I feel a shift throughout my head and most certainly, my heart.
Recently, I’ve had some amazing conversations with dear friends who are realizing and pursuing their dreams.  When it seems that life isn’t shelling out options or giving easy, multiple choice answers, they are taking steps to make their dreams reality.  Reality meaning, something that is only possible through great amounts of hard work, time, and passion. 
I wouldn’t say that I’ve stopped dreaming, in fact, I’m living some of my favorite ones.  Yet, I am realizing that others have been neglected,  just left to sit on the shelf, looking pretty.  It’s time to reawaken my dreams. 
Reawaken the dreams.
This is the phrase that I keep hearing and feeling.  Can one actually “feel” a phrase? Why not, anything is possible.  If you get that, then you are definitely in the right place.
As I begin to discover what exactly this means… I invite you to reflect on your own life and remember those dreams that make your heart leap and your mind reel with wonder.
Reawaken the dreams, what does that mean for you?  What are some dreams that you’ve let become trinkets on your shelf, rather than active participants in your life?
Here is a few things that I plan on doing during this process.
1. Pray and seek the one who gives us dreams.
2. Read plenty of books that challenge and inspire.
3. Write.  Often.
4. Prepare to be amazed.

“There’s no time for dreaming in this world,” answered the young lady with her back to him.
“I have been thinking lately,” said Inglewood in a low voice, “ that there’s no more time for waking up.”
-Man Alive, G.K.  Chesteron
reawaken the dream,

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

whose life is this?

It’s 6:00 pm on a Wednesday.  This is the view in front of me.
You might be thinking, yeah, that seems about normal for you.  However, I’m sort of in shock.  I mean, I remember this scene from long, long ago, before diapers, 7:30 bedtimes, and endless little puzzle pieces scattered around the tiny-hard-to-reach spaces of my home.
Lately, on the rare occasion that I do go out for coffee, it’s pretty much a go in, order, leave ordeal.  I guess little boys under the age of 2 don’t find as much joy in spending quality time in a coffee shop as their mommies.
But tonight, guess who is with me?  No one.  There are no children in sight.  There are no toys or diapers in my purse. Toy Story is not playing in the background for the 1,000,455th time.
It’s just me, my iced coffee, my pumpkin scone, and the laptop.  My beloved trusty, neglected friends.
I feel less crazy.  I feel less tired.  I feel refreshed.  I also feel cool, as in temperature,  because Starbucks is equipped with more than a silly window AC unit to combat the intense summer heat. *I wonder if they will let us move in?
This is a beautiful, much needed moment would not be possible without my amazing, wonderful husband, who spent the day working, came home to tend to the toddler and send me away for a few hours of coffee shop mind-and-soul therapy.  He’s good like that.  I like him.
Have you had a moment like this lately?  I highly recommend it.
Ps. Don’t your kids always seem cuter, once you’ve had a little break?

baby growing diaries, entry #2

Here are a few titles for this post:

A) Peace out first trimester.

B) Small victories in the land of food.

C) I finally chopped off my hair.

Sadly, I’m not one of those girls who waltzes through pregnancy feeling 100% glowing and radiant, showing no signs of sickness, exhaustion, and discomfort.  I am also not of those lucky ladies (80% according to all the websites), who magically starts feeling better, the moment the second trimester starts.  So that puts me in the remaining 20%, who get a few more weeks of all-the-time sickness fun.  Maybe, it makes my baby cuter?

Thought: The term “morning sickness,” is a lie, a straight up lie. The truth is this time, I feel best in the morning.  I feel great in the morning.  I feel worse in the afternoons, then progressively terrible by evening.  So, if you don’t already know better, morning sickness is a lie.  It should really just be called weeks and weeks of constant sickness.

However, I have had a few small victories that are worth noting.

Small Victory #1

On Sunday morning, I woke up to the delicious, heavenly aroma of the French press.  It smelled amazing and everything within me believed, today is the day.  I successfully drank a quarter of my over-sized mug.  I couldn’t describe the taste without sounding like some crazed coffee-loving addict, so I’ll just say, yum.  The story gets better when I can report that I felt great the rest of the day.  So, in my books, this was a huge moment.

PS.  I am a crazed coffee-loving addict.

Small Victory #2

My dear husband has been wanting enchiladas for some time now.  Naturally, Mexican food with all its meat and strong flavors hasn’t been anywhere on my list of foods that I even want to think about, but just because I’m anti-most-foods, doesn’t mean that the poor husband isn’t starving and meat deprived.  So, I added the PW’s white chicken enchiladas to this week’s menu.  Yesterday, while I was attempting to be “super-hero-making up for all the nothing that I have been doing- wife,”  by doing laundry AND making a real homemade dinner…  it seemed like the perfect day for the enchiladas. 

As I was chopping the onions, peppers, and making the rich, creamy, cheese sauce, it looked so good that one small part of my brain pondered eating it.  For a few moments, I wondered where this foreign pro-carnivorous thought came from… but I was so hungry, I didn’t fight it.   The chicken won.

Just as I remembered, it was delicious…. and even though I had the equivalent of one small, corn tortilla sized enchilada, that’s more chicken than I’ve had in months.  Again, no sickness to report.

I know these are small and trivial victories, but you have probably been eating whatever you wanted for the last two months.  You’ve probably been enjoying your morning lattes and afternoon coffees.  You’ve probably been snacking on ice cream and brownies…. which of course, make me sick.  You’ve been dining on dinners from the grill and camp fire, hearty dinners consisting of good old meat.   So whatever, I’m growing a sweet little baby.

Now for the last bit of news.  I chopped off my hair, a good 4-7 inches.  The following conversation was partially responsible.

Me:  Sister, I want to chop off my hair, short and cute like this. I love it.

Sister:  I don’t know, that haircut says, “I’m young and I want to have fun.”  Your hair now says, “I’m a mom.”  I think that’s more appropriate.

Me:  (Eyes wide and a look of disgust sweeps across my face.)

In her defense, she didn’t mean that to be as tragic as it was, so I wasn’t truly that devastated.  But, honestly, while I adore being a mom… it’s not really a word I want to be associated with my hairstyle.  I mean, right? Are you with me here?

So, I finally went and had the overgrown”mom” mane removed and now I’m sporting a cute, “I’m a young mom, who wants to have fun and be stylish look.”  Plus, it’s so much cooler, especially on days like this where the first digit of the temperature is a 9… followed by another.

To wrap up this entry, just remember…. coffee. chicken enchiladas. chopped hair.

Small victories and pleasures on this baby growing adventure.


P.S. Is there anything better than hearing that perfect little heartbeat?

Friday, July 23, 2010

on the home front and other news.


Here’s a little glimpse of some new art for the walls. 

My mind is reeling with new ideas for our living room.  Thanks for  all your great suggestions on this post.  I mean, you guys have some great ideas.  I’ll keep you updated.

Also, I loved all your comments on my baby growing diaries post.  There will most definitely be more in the coming weeks and months.

This weekend, I’m thinking about baking some sort of cobbler, hunting for treasures, working on some projects around the house, and continuing my efforts of convincing my husband of a new possible middle name that I am liking this week.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

baby growing diaries, entry #1


coming soon copy

Excuse me, if my blogs take on a little different focus in the next few months.  I’m working on a new project. Something, I’ve only done once before, so it’s still new and exciting, but full of so many life changing things… some crazy, some hard, but in the end totally worth it.

The best part is that you don’t even have to remind yourself that it is ACTUALLY worth the hard months prior, because in a moment, in that moment, you only remember the good, because you look at the new little bundle, with squirming toes and fingers… and you melt.

During the months that I was growing baby #1, I said to myself over and over again, I should write a book about it.  I never did.  It’s too bad, it would have been a funny book.  It would have been sarcastic and crazy and emotional and fun, because that is what the whole process looks like, to me at least.  Add discomfort and slight frustration, too.  But remember, it’s totally worth it, because, it just is. You know.

As we begin, let me tell you about how the process of baby growing looks on me.   I get sick.  I mean, sick, as in everything makes me sick.  Everything that I once loved and craved… I now cringe and make weird faces.  Now, before you get all, “OHHH, have you tried this magic remedy or the next one,” on me, my answer is yes.  I’ve tried.

Fact:  I don’t want to look at another saltine, ever again.  I’ve had so much candied ginger and ginger tea that I can’t even fathom putting another taste to my mouth. Ginger, itself now makes me nauseous.  If I ever see sprite, ginger-ale, or Gatorade, or whatever again, I’ll cry.  If it works one day, the next it’s my stomach’s biggest foe. So, save your remedies.  I’ve stopped fighting.  If something sounds gross to me, for even one second, I won’t touch it.  Some days are better than others.

Here’s a glimpse at my current diet and food related life:

  1. I haven’t had a latte since May 30th.  If you know me, you know how much I love coffee.  It’s a dear friend and a part of everyday.  Now, you might be thinking, oh that’s great, you gave up caffeine…. NO.  I’m not that noble.  Coffee makes me sick.  It makes me, well, you know… throw up. (Just like everything else).  But, oh, it smells so good.  Like heaven.  Anytime I walk past or inside a coffee shop, I almost cry because it smells so delicious.  For a moment I consider, maybe today??   Alas, I know better.   On the bright side, as soon as I stopped feeling sick with baby #1, I could drink coffee again… so those weeks are ahead and I can’t wait to sit down with my over-sized mug of steaming, earthy goodness, God’s gift to mankind, coffee.
  2. My husband is afraid that I am turning into a vegetarian because, I currently abhor the idea of eating meat.  Again, if you know me, you know I dream about tasty steaks.  Chicken, I could live with out it, but give me some red meat and I’m good to go.  Not these days.  I can do fish and turkey… that’s it.  Needless to say, my dear husband is a bit tired of fish… and I think he’s perpetually hungry.
  3. In normal land, when I’m not baby growing, I am an adventurous food lover, the spicier and more flavorful the better.  Alas, these days, I become the most picky, BORING eater of all.  (Kind of like a few friends of mine).  Here’s a short list of what I actually enjoy: fruits, some veggies, toast, cereal, yogurt, turkey and cheese sandwiches, baked potatoes, and occasionally, ice cream.  That’s it friends.  I mean, snooze fest.  I miss food.
  4. Everything smells.  I mean, everything.  Currently, there is something in the fridge that smells like a nightmare… and I don’t know if I can even open the fridge again, until it’s gone.  But, the worst smell of them all, our dish soap.  I mean, I can smell it from the other room and it’s the worst.  And somehow, it’s  a mystery why we haven’t just bought new soap, a real mystery.

Do you know how hard it is to plan a weekly menu when you don’t even want to think about food?  Practically impossible. Poor family.

I miss food.  I miss coffee.

But, the idea that my little family will grow from three to four is thrilling and delightful.  When I stop to ponder the amazing process of how babies are created and how they develop and grow into scrumptious little life changers… I can’t help but smile.  It reminds me that the nausea, the sickness, the exhaustion, and the super-hero-smelling-abilities are all part of one amazing process that I am blessed to experience.

I hope you enjoy these posts.  Just wait until I get to the part where strangers start having most bizarre and inappropriate conversations and when the unsolicited advice falls like rain.  Oh man, that’s the good stuff.


Monday, July 19, 2010

give me your best ideas.

This is the blog post where I post a picture of my little living room that is in the early stages of decorating and ask for suggestions.

You see, a few years ago, I found this table at a garage sale and it began pleading with me to give it a new home.  For $10, I couldn’t see why not.  I loved it.  I still do.

It’s just that… it needs a change.  A face lift.   I like change.

It needs help.

Sometimes, I look at it and think, oh little table, I love you.

Other times, I think, eeh, little table, you’re not doing it for me.

So, getting rid of the table isn’t an option, because, I want to keep it.  So, maybe you hate it, but don’t suggest the trash as  a solution.  Also, I’m not looking for, “buy a new table or new couch.”  There are other things higher on the list… waiting for a chance to become part of our home… and we’re all waiting patiently on… the budget, (collective sigh).   

Oh budget, that we love and hate at the same time.  Thank you for keeping us in line.


I told you, work in progress, but it’s our work in progress, so that’s something.  For now, all the furniture stays… unless, a new lovely couch appears at our front door and my husband denounces his love for his love seat of dark green and extreme softness.

But, let’s focus, on the table.  She’s in need of a makeover.   What can I do?  Please send me your best ideas, links, color schemes, diys, etc. 

Help!! Our little home will thank you.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

P.S.  I’m also hunting for the perfect fabric to redo the lamp shade.



Wednesday, July 14, 2010

from the pages…

I started a new book last night.  I’ve read it before.  I absolutely adore it. It’s witty, silly, deep, beautiful, poetic, tragic, inspiring, genuine, and a bit unruly…  the perfect combination, if you ask me.  After reading this portion, then reading it aloud to my husband, who has read this book more than I have, I wanted to read it to someone else too, so this is pretty much the same.

“I read the first chapter of A Brief History of Time when Dad was still alive and I got incredibly heavy boots thinking about how relatively insignificant life is, and how, compared to the universe and compared to time, it didn’t even matter if I existed at all.  When Dad was tucking me in that night and we were talking about the book, I asked if he could think of a solution to that problem.  “Which problem?”  “The problem of how relatively insignificant we are.”  He said, “Well, what would happen if a plane dropped you in the middle of the Sahara Desert and you up a single grain of sand with tweezers and moved it one millimeter?”  I said, “I’d probably die of dehydration.”  He said, I just mean, right then, when you moved that single grain of sand.  What would that mean?”  I said, “I dunno, what?”  He said, “Think about it.”  I thought about it.  I guess I would have moved a grain of sand.”  “Which would mean?”  “Which would mean, I moved a grain of sand?”  “Which would mean you changed the Sahara.”  “So?”  “So? the Sahara is a vast desert.  And it has existed for millions of years.  And you changed it!”  “That’s true!” I said, sitting up.  “I changed the Sahara!”  “Which means?” he said.  “What tell me.”  “Well, I’m not talking about painting the Mona Lisa or curing cancer.  I’m just talking about moving one grain of sand one millimeter.”  “Yeah?”  “If you hadn’t done it, human history would have been one way…” “Uh-huh?”  “But you did do it, so…?”  I stood on the bed, pointed my fingers at the fake stars, and screamed: “I changed the course of human history!”

-excerpt from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,

Jonathan Safran Foer

{Find the book here and more on JSF here}

So, did you get it?  I know that it’s a silly example, but that is not the point.  Do you go throughout your day weighed down by feelings of insignificance or do you dare believe that what you are doing matters?

… no matter how trivial it seems

… no matter if anyone ever realizes all the hard work that you’ve done.

… no matter if you’re going to do the same things tomorrow.


It matters.  You  matter.  Now go and have a wonderful life.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

making it home: snapshots

Here’s a little home update:

  • I tore down the horrid wallpaper in the bathroom, to discover a wall that needs some serious repair. Oh joy.  So much for an easy, simple paint job.
  • We’re thinking a soft shade of gray on the top half of the wall, will look perfect with this shower curtain, which I’m mad about. The lower half is covered in clean, white tile.  There’s a large window that adds such great light and fresh air, which always helps a bathroom.
  • We’re dreaming up new art for the walls.  No longer will our walls be a small gallery of my oldest and (not really the best) paintings, but we want to be very intentional about the art we hang.
  • We don’t have a defined style.  Don’t put me in a box!!  A little minimalist. A little vintage.  A little eclectic.  Super cozy and fun. … And of course,  all on a nice, little, tiny budget.  Thankfully, we have lovely hardwood floors, crisp, clean (non-paneled) walls, and updated fixtures… so we’re starting out with a good, fresh blank canvas, of sorts.

Here are  a few snapshots from some of my favorite little details, so far…

IMG_4644 IMG_4646 IMG_4649IMG_4648  IMG_4651


  1. My yellow chair, a $5 find from thrift store.   Score!

2. Our little pub-style table (that we are outgrowing), with tea towel from Anthropologie.

3. Dishtowels, birthday gift, the ones that no one is allowed to use.

4. My clean, organized, pretty kitchen.

5. Coffee table books that we love, not on the coffee table, because, let’s be serious… we have a toddler. 

6. Entryway bench, with wellies, naturally, and a quilt from my husband’s, great-grandmother.


There’s another peek, I’ll keep you updated on the progress.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Making it home: the little boy’s room

It’s been just over two weeks, since we moved in and while all the boxes and evidence of moving are gone, this place is far from looking like the cozy, creative little home that I intend it to be.

So far, the only room that’s really come together is the little boy’s.  We used all the same pieces to decorate, but in his first room in TN, there was truly unfortunate dark, faux wood paneling, so nothing really popped the way it does in his new room with bright white walls.


I had plenty of fabric left from making the first set of curtains and always intended on making more when his room had more windows.  I made another panel and I love how the three of them look. The fabric is from my friend, Julia, who was shopping one day and thought I needed it.  She has no idea it went perfectly with the colors in his room!!  What a great find.IMG_4462

We hope to find a rug for his room, but for now, we’ve using his plain mary monogrammed play mat from my brother, Jeremiah.

IMG_4467 IMG_4622

IMG_4621  Mr. Diaper, in his constant summer wardrobe is showing you the toy corner of his room, where his wonderful Radio Flyer wagon, from Grandpa and Grandma serves as a giant toy box.

*And his room seems to be the perfect place for my exercise ball… so that is where it lives, when I’m not using it.


In the opposite corner is our little reading nook.  The plastic drawers hold all of his books and puzzles.  I’m hunting for something much cuter, perhaps a sweet bookcase… but we already had this and it works for now.  I just pretend it’s not as ugly as it really is.


Matt and I made these three pieces of art when preparing for Hudson’s birth.  I painted.  He drew.  I added the words.  We’re a good team.  Each one has an endearing or inspiring quote from some of our favorite children’s books. (Dr. Seuss, Winnie the Pooh, and Mickey Mouse)


The changing table is an old hutch that one of Matt’s customers gave us a few years ago…  This area still lacks pizzazz. I think it needs a little something to make the diaper changing more fun, if that’s possible.  I would also like to reclaim my lamp for my desk, so a small lamp is also on our list of treasures to find.  Besides, can you guess how many times I’ve had to tell him not to touch the lamp?


Minus a rug, a lamp, a few more prints, and a little bookcase… the little boy’s bedroom is quite cozy

… come on garage sales… be good to us.

There’s your little peek for now… more to come, as I continue turning this place into home.


Monday, July 5, 2010


I tell a little story over here... in case you didn't know.

See you there?