Monday, August 3, 2009

Found Treasures

Note to self: Visiting a certain "thrift" shop, on a certain day, when there is a certain "50% off EVERYTHING IN THE STORE" sale... may not be the best idea. However, I did score these little lovelies.
{It was pretty much love at first sight with this beauty. $1.50.}
Some girls dream of that fancy set of matching, designer china... not this one. I have visions of a huge collection of mix matched plates, are you the least bit surprised? I didn't think so. One of my most favorite restaurants, Cafe Tu Tu Tango, displays a random collection of saucers on the center of all their tables. This always makes my heart happy. Some people would call it haphazard or too random, but it's bliss to me. Each person can pick there favorite plate, which probably says something about their personalities, at least I think so. What would these little plates say about me?
{25 cents a piece, sadly I only found four.}
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  1. I love those plates! I am thinking I should visit this shop with you sometime. :)

  2. Treasure hunting luck! It never goes so beautifully for me...

  3. That is what so exciting, you never know if you'll find anything good... and you can always laugh at all the really bad stuff, wondering how anyone ever owned it.


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