Thursday, August 13, 2009

You want me to make what?

There is nothing more dangerous than when someone calls and says, "I have a very special project for you." You never ever ever know what that could be. It's kind of scary, and mostly fun. That's pretty much what happened when Leah called about this special project for her dad's (our pastor) birthday party.

"We need a stick horse, " she said.

My immediate thought was, and you thought of me? But what I said was, "Ok, sure."

My project, make a stick horse, using the head of a paint roller/stick and whatever else I wanted. Talk about starting from scratch. She said something it being just like making my Little Jolies toys, but different. Hmm, just like that.

I gladly accepted my challenge, I do like a good challenge. I'm not going to lie, I had a lot of fun making this crazy horse. A lot. Perhaps, the most fun was that I got to use whatever I could (in a certain price range)... I had to envision the whole thing. I like that.

I used:
8 pieces of brown felt, 2 pieces of black felt
Yellow yarn + glue gun
Two crazy eyes
Brown ribbon + two gold buttons
The paint roller head + stick

Here he is, he's silly, huh?

Now, I sure don't see a future in creating stick horses, but who knows. Have you made anything completely out of the norm lately??


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