Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Announcing… a giveaway

  • Because I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.
  • Because I am making beef stew for dinner.
  • Because I am very excited about something.
  • Because Where the Wild Things Are was released on DVD today, and we heart  that movie.
  • Because I have too many scarves already and I don’t really need to keep them all.
  • Because I like sharing.
I’m delighted to announce my very first giveaway on this blog.  I was thrilled with the response that I received from my scarves in my etsy shop and through direct orders.  November and December turned my little fingers into fierce knitting machines, but it was worth it.  Thank you to all of you for your orders.  You are wonderful.
The scarf season is over for now until fall,  even though it’s snowing today, which is strange for Tennessee.  However, I have these two cozy,  little cowls which never found new homes.   So, I want to give them away.  This week’s giveaway is “Cozy me Navy- cowl.”
image  image
And, just for fun, I’ll include two postcards from my shop.
image image

Here’s how to enter:
  • Visit my Palette Theory Shop, just because that would be so nice of you.  Come back here and leave a comment telling me your favorite item in the shop.
  • Leave a comment sharing one creative endeavor that you would like to begin this year.
AND for additional entries:
  • Share about this giveaway on  your blog,  facebook, or facebook, make sure to include the link in your comment.
You have until Friday, March 5, 2010 midnight to enter.  One entry per person. I’ll announce the winner on Monday, March 6th.  So be sure to follow The Saturated Palette to see if you are the winner.


  1. Well I for one am stinking excited about this! I didn't know you made scarfs! I would like to enter! I liked the Paper Bird Collage. It inspired me to start painting again and use different avenues other than paint. BUT, to be honest, I like the scarf that you are giving away the best. We wear scarfs all year round in San Francisco so I have turned into a big fan of them.

    Hope you are going great! I still remember the painting sessions y'all would do outside of your dorm. :)

    Take Care,
    Ashlee (Cloud)

  2. Let's see...CURRENTLY my favorite item in your shop is the Paper Vase, to be followed closely by the Paper Bird and the Paper Peacock. :)

  3. YAY! What a great idea! Well, you know I love your scarves... they're the best gift I give. :)

    My favorite item is the original art "Yellow Blossoms"...one, because my favorite color is yellow... and two, because it inspired me to think outside the box on a project my mom wants me to do! The stairway to the second floor of my parent's new house has a huge space on three walls (pretty much the big space you look at while going down the stairs)... anyway, I came up with the idea to paint a big tree on the walls, so that she can hang pictures of our family on it... i.e.: our Family Tree!

    So, thanks for being a wonderful source of inspiration!! Love you!

  4. Oh I want to enter! I love the cowl scarf! We had items similar to this at our store but it was so pricey!

    So my creative endeavor this year: I do graphic design and make journals. I would like to pursue actually selling the journals I design at a craft fair here in NYC. Maybe Union Square or brooklyn? Establish my online portfolio and make some sort of a living out of doing something I enjoy! Your blog is inspiring!


  5. Love the giveaway and the scarf. It's one of my favorites.

    Picking a favorite from the Palette Theory Shop is not an easy task. It depends on my mood mostly. I love your not card. They make me smile.

    I also really enjoy your painting "Art of Losing Myself" because of depend feelings that it invokes. It's hard to explain. Other days though I might tell you that I like Yellow Blooms better.

    All of your art is great.

  6. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your peacock. peacock feathers are one of my favorite things in the world... i also love you scarves, living in chicagoland has been a crazy transition and i have grown mighty mighty fond of scarves.

    i'm so excited for you and your new adventures! we're on the 6 month mark of no job. its hard and good all at the same time. i have learned so much about provision in this season. i'm praying for you and your beautiful little family.

  7. Olivia, you are such an inspiration to me, girl! I'm pushing myself to begin creating things! I'd love to learn how to crochet this year, specifically things for my little girl, and if it goes well, for other kids also.

    As far as my favorite item in your Palette Theory Shop, that is a hard one since I love everything you create! But if I had to choose one, I'd say the paper vase.

    Love you girl! Keep inspiring!

    Krissy Collins

  8. Of course my first instinct is to fall for your Paper Peacock (which I did). However it's kind of a tie with your Yellow Blooms Original. I currently have a thing for the color grey. It being paired so delightfully with my favorite color yellow makes this a hard choice... I love them both. and I love you!

    I have yet to dream up a creative endeavor for this year due to my attention being focussed on what, where and who we are going to be. Seeing your creativity makes me want to open that part of me again. I know I will have some time in the near future to do this and I can't wait!

  9. Thanks for wishing me a lovely day. And yes...I did just finish my morning coffee.

    My favorite item in the shop is Yellow Blooms (I kinda want this) followed by a close second with the Paper Bird (which I also want).

    Creative Endeavor...hmmm. I think it has to find me. I have a deep desire for the creative lately, but I don't know what my thing is at the moment. I've tried my hand at photography, creating photo books, building greeting cards...but I'm not sure what the next thing is. I am craving the creative, but for now, I'm satisfied with creating experiences and community.

  10. first off hello i am sister in law to sara welch. i heard about you from her and i very much enjoy your blog.
    i very much like the yellow blooms painting. and also love "the perfect dress". your creativity is amazing on top of the fact that you have a son to. :)
    i love your scarves and will be checking your store often :)

  11. I have to say that the South is losing out when ya'll leave, your a truly unique talent. My favorite thing on your site is the Yellow blooms, because it makes me think of that wild feeling just before a warm weather storm when the wind is stirring and you can feel the electricity in the air. I'm also a lover of all things scarf oriented. Currently I'm knitting a shawlette from Knitty.com called Citron. After that I have soooooo many things I want to do. Of course I have the yearbook currenting a techno theme but next year we're looking a a layered scrap booky feel. Then I want to try several knit projects like a reusable grocery bag. I also am looking forward to getting back into refinishing furniture...I haven't done any in a while but Carter's getting bigger, so I'm ready to try again....and really a lot more but this is really long so I will just say ado and wish you the best in the north.

  12. I love the spontaneous post cards. They are fresh and creative. I also love the pink blossoms painting, looks like something I may need to hang in Riley's pink room. As far as creative projects go, I am working on a piece of Bob Dylan for India Art. Which we need to touch base about btw. I am going to create and gather a few more new pieces before we get crankin on the website. And I am dissappointed that you didnt choose pa. So, we're fighting for the moment. I may get over it if I win the scarf, tbd. <3

  13. My favorites for a long time have been "A Hymn of the River"- bc it actually looks like a song- and "Motion or Freedom"- because the I love the little blue birds, and the colors are inspiring. Recent favorites are the paper collage series- just bc they are fun and whimsical. : )
    Recent creative endeavor? Well, I just gave birth 5 weeks ago, does that count? Since then I haven't had a lot of time to pursue creativity, but I am looking forward to try making petit fours for the first time for my sister in law's bridal shower in a few weeks.

  14. Love the scarf and postcards!

    I think my favorite from your shop is the Yellow Blooms print!


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