Thursday, March 11, 2010

for the next few weeks

There may not be many new paintings or projects shared here for a little while, because sadly, the art supplies have been packed.  And what is even more heartbreaking is that the art supplies are pretty much the ONLY things that have been packed.  Oh my. Oh my.  15 days to go. Oh my. 
So, if at any moment in the next two weeks, you think… I bet Liv could use a caramel macchiato or a cinnamon dolce latte, some more boxes, and some entertainment… You are correct, my friends.  That is exactly what I need.
Oh and one more thing.  This pillow.
Celebrate Paris Burlap Pillow Cover

PS. Speaking of Paris, I really wish my baby sister would post some pictures from her weekend visit to the city of my dreams.


  1. I love that pillow! Just found that store this morning, it's definitely a favorite now.

    Good luck packing, just do a little every day and it'll get done!

    So sad about the art supplies being first, though. :(

  2. I'll join you for the macchiato! =)

    I guess the good thing about packing supplies is that you won't be distracted/tempted to go do something other than pack the rest of your stuff. =)

    Hope the move goes well!

  3. Yes that is a good point.... I can get distracted easily especially if I'd much rather be doing something else!!!


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