Friday, March 12, 2010

this moment brought to you by

I took my new computer out for coffee.  We are having a wonderful time.  We invited our  dear friend, mr. caramel latte.  He’s good company.  We also invited our friend She & Him station on Pandora. 
Before coffee, we browsed a couple of stores, because there was a very serious matter to attend to, it’s called:  Mommy needed a new dress.  Don’t worry, I solved that problem.  I also realized once again, that forever 21 and I have gone our separate ways, the distance may be  irreversible.  I decided to keep having birthdays and give birth to a child, while 21 decided they were not at all interested in compromise. Oh well.  As Bobby D. says, the times they are a changing. Oh Bob.
Now, I’m here, loving this moment.  Moments like this are rare.
P.S.  I must address that this entire moment was brought to you by the incredible Mr. Moore, who is home with the napping baby boy, that I adore.  Thanks Mr. Moore.  You’re my favorite.


  1. That Mr. Moore is pretty amazing. There are not many men that would stay home while your out spending time alone with Mr. Carmel latte, and I must say that Mr. Carmel latte looks so good.

  2. new computer - amazing! I love quiet, peaceful moments in coffee shops.

  3. so, where'd you find the dress?

  4. Ah...the joys of life! That coffee looks amazing! =)


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