Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the two things that changed my life

Two new little wonders have recently come into my possession.  Frankly, I’m not sure how I functioned without them.  I’m serious.  I love them. 

1. cute little netbook.


The husband and I aren’t really fighters, at all, but it’s very difficult for two busy artists/bloggers to both be sharing one computer, especially when we’re both home all day.  Actually, it’s impossible and irritating.  I wouldn’t recommend it.   So, he did some serious scouting and we found a remedy to that problem.  Enter my little netbook:  cute, affordable, almost sort of looks like a mac, which is a big plus.  I mean, if you can’t have a mac, you can try to pretend, right?  I really love it.  Not to mention, the battery life is insane, like seven hours.  Now I spend days making fun of my husband’s computer because it has to be plugged in every 1.56 hours.  He makes fun of the fact that mine only has Windows 7 starter… but then I win that argument with one word: Vista.  EVERYTHING IS BETTER THAN VISTA.

The only downside… if we’re not careful, we’ll end up spending the rest of  our evenings on the couch, in front of our computer screens, watching the office…. and then we won’t remember the last time we actually spoke to each other.

that’s a bit extreme, I know.

2.  Italian coffee maker

Let’s just say what’s not being said here, regular coffee isn’t always strong enough.  It’s just not enough.  Since, I still have to just dream about enjoying a latte from the fancy espresso machine that I sadly don’t own yet, this will help ease the pain. 

In fact, after finishing this post, I’m going to make some espresso, because the clock and my head are telling me it’s about that time.  Obviously, this little beauty (mine is actually red) won’t be replacing my beloved French press, but it will bring a whole new joy to our lives.

What items have made your life more fun these days?


  1. 7 hrs is impressive. My macbook pro only has like an hour anymore. But wait, it's a macbook pro :)

    other items making my life fun...the series "Extras" on DVD. British people are so funny.

  2. oh how i miss the days of coffee, computers, and laying on the bed in suite suite 106 with you and mr. blue m&m...but your blog post made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside with memories of us and thinking about my cup of coffee that awaits me in the thank you my dear, thank you.

  3. Yes, we have two computers as well...but it's true, you must guard yourself from becoming engrossed. Time flies by when you're doing other things. =)

    I love your coffee pot...nothing better than a great cup of joe! =)


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