Tuesday, March 23, 2010

absent lately.

It’s moving week.  Tired. Busy. Excited. Sad to say goodbye to dear friends and the city that has been our first home. Wondering  how we acquired so many things.  Looking forward to a new city with lots of offer. Looking forward to being around my mom, brothers, sisters, and little nephew.  Looking forward to the land of ten thousand lakes.  Excited about what is next… whatever that may be.
Friends, I’ll be back soon.


  1. good luck, God bless! i've been thinking about you and your move lately, hoping it is going well :) we just moved a year ago, and boy, was it harder than we thought it would be! well worth it, though.

  2. Hope the move goes well and that you are able to rest soon!

  3. Olivia! Come back. I miss your blog.

    Hope the moving is going well :)


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