Thursday, June 24, 2010

feeling like me.

Today is familiar and refreshing. 

It’s beautiful outside, with a soft breeze, which means my windows are open and the air is comfortable.  Fresh air is an essential part of my life.  

I had a nice, long chat with a dear friend, it has been way too long.  I needed that.

I held my little boy and scratched his head and he cuddled up next to me in contentment.

I baked blueberry coffeecake in my new kitchen.  I’ve missed cooking, so much, and I’m sure my family has too. I’m even excited about making dinner.  It’s been a while.

I opened my new sewing machine and made another curtain for the little boy’s bedroom.

Today, I feel very much like myself.

I like that.

Do you feel like yourself today?



  1. So what kind did you get? I want to see the curtain please!

  2. What kind of sewing machine did you get? I hope you enjoyed sewing!!! =)

  3. What in the world?!? Have you seen this? We are both in the new etsy finds post!!

  4. Sounds practically perfect in every way.


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