Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I think I can write a blog, I think I can.

Apparently,  it’s not blogging season in the world of Olivia.

Everyone once in a while during the last few weeks, I vaguely thought, oh, I think I had a blog once.

But those moments where brief and rare.

I feel like life has been crazy.  I think I might be crazy, too?

But all the best ones are, right?

Usually, it’s not so crazy that I don’t find time to write down a few thoughts regularly, but…

I’ve felt like I have nothing to say, nothing to share with anyone else.

I know that’s ok, I know that life has seasons and times of crazy, and I’ve already embraced that.

It was kind of nice to not think about writing blogs or sharing something that people would be interested in reading.

I like to pretend I was rather sneaky and off the grid.

Sometimes the internet feels so… invasive.

as if people are hiding in trees, peeking into your windows.

I guess.

So, breaks are good.  Necessary. Nice.

Today, I’m sitting in my new apartment.  Last night it stormed, which we always love, the the windows were open and the blinds beat against the windows all night, to the rhythm of the wind… and it was an unfamiliar sound.   Didn’t sleep much.

I’d like to have a few words with the inventor of the vertical blinds.

Right now, my sweet little boy who has heard the word, NO, approx. 1,204,323 times already today is napping and Norah Jones accompanied me to lunch.

I’m starring at what once was a nice cozy living room with lots of potential… it now resembles a hopeless mountain of boxes and things.

It all can’t possibly be ours.

Since graduating from college in 2005, I have moved 8 times.  Some of those were shorter periods, temporary locations, but still, that’s a lot of moving.  Since being married, four times.  This is now the third place that our 20 month old has lived.

Yesterday, I met a girl who has lived in the same house her entire life. 

I can’t even count all the places I’ve lived.

Maybe there is something to that, but I do love moving… I just hate packing, unpacking, etc.  I like change.

So often,  I think about how wonderful it would be to just rid of absolutely everything.

Especially when moving.

But, I have a cute apartment that is .2 miles from a pretty lake and both Caribou Coffee and Starbucks.  There are lots of windows and closets.  The kitchen is shiny from all the stainless steel appliances and I finally have hardwood floors. 

On the downside, there is a bag full of food that didn’t quite make it into the fridge last night.  I really hope we find it soon… gross.

Soon, perhaps my thoughts will be less random, as we settle in and embrace our new home… and I’ll probably have lots more to say.



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