Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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This week, all of me can be found here…  Drinking tea on the deck, overlooking the smooth blue waters.  Sitting by the blazing fire on the nice, comfy couch.  Taking naps in my room with the window open, as the  rain dances on the roof.   Gathering around the table for endless matches of Scrabble.  Soaking in the lovely views and warmth of this breath-taking cabin in the deep woods of Minnesota.   Lots of adoring aunts and uncles for playmates for the little boy.

This week is everything I needed, because occasionally,  life is dashed with too many little moments of “blah.”

And frankly, there is none of me left to be anywhere else…. because, I’m soaking in all of this goodness.


I hope you are all well and having more moments of goodness than the  “blah” kind.



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