Monday, June 7, 2010

here and there.

I might be back from my little blogging sabbatical, but that might be a lie.  I’m not making any promises, because this week is full of so many things…  The apartment search extravaganza of 2010.  Family coming into town.  A really exciting project that I will able to share later this week.   I’m mostly exhausted just thinking about it.

BUT most of all….

My sweet baby sister comes home from France.   She spent her last year of high school eating crepes, walking by the sea, learning the language (her French skills now put me to shame), traveling Europe, and probably doing some schoolwork.  The best part of it all is that now that we moved, we  will live in the same city!  Hip Hip Hooray.   Sister time extraordinaire. 

So, she gets home and graduates from high school two days later.  And of course, there will be a party.

And then we go to the lake for a whole week.

So, maybe I’m here… but maybe not.


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  1. How fun! Enjoy yourself and your sister!


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