Monday, December 20, 2010

snail mail

Let’s pretend that you open the mailbox and reach in to find a small stack of letters and advertisements.  Among, the collection of bills and last minute attempts to spend more money, you have two or three Christmas cards from people you love.
You rush inside and sit down to sort through the cards, reading the return addresses to decide which one you want to open first.    Obviously, you open the one from us, immediately.  It looks like this…
You turn it around and break open the seal, perfectly, of course.
You quickly reach in to pull out the card, but you pause, as that déjà vu feeling begins to set in…
Total déjà vu.  Overwhelming déjà vu. You think to yourself, “I got this card last year, what’s the deal? Is this a joke?  This must be a mistake.”
To further investigate you, open the card to read:
The warmest sentiments you’ve seen all year, I know. Is your heart so full of warm fuzzies that you want to explode?
The reason this card looks familiar is because you DID get it in the mail last Christmas.  I won a giveaway for 100 cards from Minted but I didn’t use them all.  So now, I have about 30 of them just sitting in a box, what’s a girl to do? 
I could send them out again, with a message that reads, “This is us, just 1.5 years ago. Merry Christmas.” or “Remembering 2009, Merry Christmas 2010.”   But, I won’t.  I could have ordered new cards with an updated photo of us and sent them out, but frankly, that sounded like a big project. These days naps always sound better than big projects.
So, don’t be sad, but no new Christmas card from us this year.  Just think about all the trees I saved.  Being green is so trendy.
But, mostly it has to do with my desire to take more naps, don’t be fooled.  Naps trump everything.
Merry Christmas week everyone!!


  1. Haha!! Liv, this post just cracked me up. Love your humor, girl! :) I don't think I'm going to get around to sending Christmas cards this year...just going to focus on kicking this cold/virus completely. Merry Christmas week to you, too!

  2. L-O-V-E this. And you are by the way one of the only people who truly understands my love for naps...prego or not! And for that I am grateful! I will just put your card from last year back up on the fridge! LOL! I JUST took it down to make room for more.

  3. Hehehe....this is the wisest reuse of Christmas cards ever. I am certain that this would bring me more giggles and fun than a brand spankin' new Christmas card would have.

    Way to be unforgettable! :)

  4. I'm not only amazed at your creativity, but at the fact that you only have 30 left.

  5. i think you should just go for it. :) see who notices and then imagine the conversations they are having at home when they ponder it.

  6. so funny! i love that you're bold enough to reuse.

    what's double funny is that i won the minted giveaway this year! so excited about our cards...and am wondering what will happen next year...


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