Monday, October 17, 2011

the 2 in 1 clutch from lbg studios

Hooray, I won a little giveaway from A Little Gray and LBG Studios for the 2 in 1 clutch pattern and then I took approx. 17 coupons to Joann's, it’s the only way to go.  I love the tweed, which is a bit more brown that my cool photo pictures show.  The inside is this crazy green and brown zebra print, I was in search of  wild.

I think this one will be used often, I could even throw a diaper or two inside for those silly babies. I love that it's not huge or too small, but cute and functional. I get so weary of gigantic diaper bags that you hard ever really need.  I'll definitely be using this pattern again and think of how many friends would love this kind of gift... I can already name five.

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  1. this bag is amazing :)

    by the way! Maybe you would like to join the giveaway:


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