Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a non-birthday birthday


Let’s talk about birthday parties for kids. Parties are fun, mostly exhausting, but fun.  For his first birthday, we had four. FOUR parties, and traveled from Tennessee to Alaska to Kansas and back. By the last one, we sat on the couch in a birthday overdose haze and let the grandparents do everything.  We vowed to never have more than one party per birthday ever again.  Sorry to the rest of our children.  But, this year, as we approached #3, I couldn’t think of anything better than a whole weekend together as a family.  Matt works two jobs, so our weekends are only Sundays and that day fills up way too quickly.  So, he took a few days off and we had an amazing four day weekend. FOUR WHOLE DAYS.  It was the best thing ever.

The weather was ideal fall.  Cool in the shade, warm in the sun. We didn’t want to waste such a marvelous thing, especially with all this talk of, I can’t even say it.  I can’t.   Naturally, we went out for donuts and coffee, our favorite bacon maple glazed long john donuts and s’mores donuts and apple fritters.   Then we found the most wonderful park and spent the next few hours playing in the delicious fall sunshine.  We visited the new Whole Foods that is only three miles away, where we fell in love with their burritos.  We may or may not have eaten there twice in two days.  The rest of the day we laid around, played with birthday gifts, watched movies, and skyping with family. 

I love planning parties and creating all the special elements, but hands down, out of all three, this was my favorite.

You know, the very first memory I have is my third birthday. I was wearing a red dress and watching Zorro with my brother.  I wonder if he’ll remember this one?  What is your first memory?

What are your thoughts on kids’ parties?  


  1. we used to have big bashes for greyley. her first birthday, she's on top of a whole room full of presents.
    we get smaller every year and i like it more each time.

  2. 1. I am (more than) jealous that you have a Whole Foods so close to your home. Would you mind sending me a few items??

    2. Birthday Parties.....Having a million people stare at you while you open presents and waiting for a reaction....no thanks.

    3. I totally stole your idea for Liam's party this year. Didn't you have coffee and donuts in the Park for Hudson's 1st birthday. That's what we're doing this year!

    4. If we have bad weather - we're staring at each other in our living room. I have no back-up plan (look at me, such a maverick).

    5. I love you.

  3. @Jack of all trades - Master of none E, let's talk about those items. Yes, we did that for his first birthday, but we had bad weather and brought the party inside, he went off and played with his toys, we drank coffee. It was perfect. And finally, You are maverick. Super cute invite, btw.


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