Sunday, October 30, 2011

this place

Whenever I feel a little soul scattered and restless.  Whenever I start with the questions that I can’t answer.  Whenever things look blurry in a life sort of way.  When it’s been too long since I met the salty spray of the sea and I wonder why we live here and I miss my friends.   This place helps.

The summer crowds are gone.  Only an occasional boat is stationed in the marina.  The boardwalk is empty.  The crisp wind chills the air and paints our noses a rosy shade.   The stroller wheels meet the dock with a rickety-rackety sound.  The water coos a soft lullaby against the rocks.  The sky is donned in wispy grey clouds and relaxed sunshine.

I see art in the beautiful imperfection of the weathered paint.  I look up at the endless sky and feel small in a good way.  I whisper, thanks for always being here, to the one who spoke and all was. 

There will still be questions and restless blurry days.  And yet, while we are here, for however long that might be…

this place helps.

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