Friday, October 7, 2011

Jacket into Cape Refashion

On my latest solo Wednesday adventure (Do you know how much I adore Wednesdays?), I found this jacket at the thrift store.  It had good bones as they say, who are they? Good pattern, good collar, good buttons, good pockets… and who says we should listen to them?

The plan was to refashion it into a cape, thanks to the cutest little blog called, scwhurlie.  She does some really great tutorials, and she’s so adorable.   So, today, on this Friday of windy fall wonderland wonder, I did just that.


Urban Outfitters is selling them for $60,  and Anthropologie double that.  Mine really broke the bank at $3.99. Don’t you think I need ten more?

Also, the Elizabethtown quotes are involuntary at the point in my life.  Kind of like how for everything there is a Friends episode.  It’s pretty serious.

Happy Friday.


  1. Liv, it's wonderful! Love it, great job!

  2. cute! cute! well done. and good eye.

  3. Oh Em Gee. Can I just say that I hate capes. I do, I really don't understand them. But this is ADORABLE! I think the trick is that it's actually as long as a jacket so it's not pointless. Awesome job, I love it.

  4. Love it! Great job.


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