Monday, January 21, 2008

"Sew" Many Memories.

This project isn't a new one, but I just knew I wanted to share it with you. It's probably one of my favorite accomplishments, right up there with some of my favorite paintings. I will cherish it forever, and it is something that can never be recreated. That's right, it's my quilt. I've talked about it and many of you have seen it, but I want to encourage you to, perhaps create your own.

Being a lover of fashion, most of my clothes find many great memories attached to them, so much so that I hate the idea of getting rid of them. In all my moving and not having a real place to call home, I finally decided to gather all those pieces into a memory quilt. Each piece is from a tee-shirt, skirt, dress, blanket (from childhood), anything really. Almost all the pieces are different sizes, which gives it that eclectic feel, naturally. So, I cut them all up, sewed them all together (by hand). I bought a solid brown with tiny green polka dots fabric for the other side. I used a random collection of buttons on that side to hold the quilt batting in place. It took me from May until October, but since I had so much time after surgery, it was a welcomed endeavor.

Since I didn't ever really learn how to "QUILT," I recommend you find instructions elsewhere, but take some inspiration and new ideas from this project. I already have more clothing, to start another quilt, but would love to use a sewing machine this time!!

Note: I'd love to see your quilt ideas, you could do so many things, so many. Oh, and I know the title for the blog is way clever, all the pun intended.


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