Friday, October 10, 2008

Yet Another Example of the Greatness that is our God.

As if we need another example?

As if He has to do one more thing for us?

As if He hasn't met us before in our time of need?


Yet, time and time again, He works in ways that simply blow our minds, ways that are so much better than what we sometimes can imagine. What am I learning daily? I am learning that when we pray, He hears us and when we pray, "God direct our steps, show us what to do," if we are listening... He does.

So, as some of you know, we just moved to another apartment at the end of September. Previously, to do laundry we'd go to the laundry room at the apartment clubhouse or haul weeks worth of dirtiness to Angela's or another kind and willing friend, who would let us wash our clothes there. When we moved, we were no longer going to have access to a shared laundry facility and with the baby soon coming, we realized that we wouldn't be able to put off washing clothes only a few times a month.

However, this still didn't mean we had the extra money in the budget, so what to do. We searched craigslist often for a good bargain, but truthfully, there didn't seem to be a few hundred dollars waiting around in the bank that didn't need to go somewhere else. So, it overwhelmed us for a few days, and we prayed. We even considered the action of purchasing on credit (Not our favorite idea) but convinced ourselves that we could pay it off before any interest occurs. Hmmm, not wanting to go down that road.... So, we prayed some more. We prayed that God would make it clear one way or the other.

Waiting, waiting, on Wednesday, Matt was off and we were running some errands, so we stopped in a few stores to check the deals and prices. We found something, basically the absolutely most affordable option... and didn't take action. One of my pastors once shared that their family never makes big financial decisions without leaving and thinking it over for a while, I have found great benefit in that piece of wisdom, so with that and it being lunch time... not good to make big decisions while hungry :) We went home with the intention of deciding and returning after my weekly doctor's visit.

Naturally, as it always seems to happen, things at the doctor's went longer and slower than I preferred and by then... we decided to just go home.

So, we went home and early that evening, I get a call, it's restricted, I never answer those calls, but I do this time. I am not kidding when I say that a man from Sears is on the line and he says that someone, he refers to as an angel, is blessing us with a washer and dryer. Seriously, I am in a bit of shock and even ask, "Sir, are you being serious? I mean, is this for real?" He laughs softly and says, "You have some good people looking out for you, yes, I am being serious. Is this week a good time to have them delivered?" My answer is overwhelmingly yes and he says we'll be getting a call with a definite delivery time in the next two days.

I get off the phone, Matt wondering what in the world this conversation is about...and I can hardly answer him before I am overwhelmed with tears of joy and shock...and everything. I tell him and it seems that after, all we can do is sit there in silence and smile and be amazed by our God for a few minutes. Yeah, he's something, alright.

....I just washed my first load of laundry, some baby clothes and feel pretty giddy every time I walk into that room. It's hard for my curious, over-analytical mind to not try and figure out the details.... but as Matt said, "We don't have to know how, we just know that God is taking care of us."

So yeah, I know that doing the laundry will not all of a sudden become a magically fun thing to do, but when you have had to try and figure it out every single time for over a year, where and when the laundry would get done... I don't think that I will mind walking down the hallway, one bit. And while dirty clothes will probably always seem to pile up, those two machines will be a daily reminder of this. ....... We just know that God is taking care of us.

If I knew who to thank, my words wouldn't seem adequate to express the blessing and gratitude within me. So, I'll just give glory to my God...

the one who supplies all our needs.

the one who hears our prayers.

the one who directs our steps.

the one who blesses us with all His riches and glories, riches far greater than anything our frail and imperfect world can even fathom.

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  1. You are learning at such a young age, what seem to take forever for me to learn. I am so proud of you and that son of mine. My heart overflows with joy for the work God is doing in your life. The story of your washing machine and dryer, brings tears to my eyes (and goosebumps to the rest of me). Our God is truly an awesome God. Love,Mom


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