Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Written Word: Revisited.

Here, 2002.

Here, I am in paradise,
Instant comfort and perfect joy
Consume my soul.
A serenity of surrounding
Captivates me.

Here, I sigh as I take it all
In and remember once again
The pleasure of this haven, I love.

Here, it's as if lives, ideas, worries,
Hopes and dreams meet
On hold.

Philosophers compromise,
Poets and critics agree,
Artists and scholars pause,
Politics and religions breathe,
They agree to disagree,
Welcoming any inquiring minds
And all hungry souls.

Here, I see worlds open before
My inquiring mind,
My hungry soul,
I find myself.

Stories of art,
Of love,
Of war,
Of hate,
Of beauty,
Of God,
Of language,
Of life

Are complete with a grande vanilla latte,
Here, in the bookstore.

We're sorting through a massive stack of plastic tubs, a.k.a. our childhood memories, books, pictures, all those items that we'd like to put in that large storage closet we do not have.  I found a folder full of all my papers and writings from college.  So, in the name of not forsaking these words... Oh Dr. Cotton would be so proud.


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