Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Always adding...

My house never stays the same.  I constantly try to think of new layouts for the same room, things rarely stay the same around here.  So, who says people hate change?  Not in this house.  Here are a few of the newest projects...
World Market has always been good to me, and I finally found a curtain that I loved.  It is definitely at home in our living room, I love it more everytime I see it.  Thanks, WM.

Last year, our church had a day dedicated to de-cluttering and reorganzing the storage.  I took home these white frames with water color flowers paintings inside them.  Note: I took them home, only after Mrs. Pastor asked if anyone wanted them.  Not being a "water color flower
 painting girl,"  I found this craft paper and covered the frames with it.  They now hang between Hudson's room and the hall.  Of course, Matt hung them, since I do not acknowledge straight lines and all.  Overall project cost: $1.92.

Toys for baby.  I saw these online and said, I could do that.  So, I made these little giraffes for the Hudson baby.  The navy one on the right was the first one I made, I think it looks more like a dinosaur, but Hudson's mouth doesn't seem to mind.  I'm very excited to make more and to see what other animals I can do.


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