Friday, July 8, 2011

the sewing report: sleeves

These have been in the works for a while and last week during my weekly “solo escape,” I found the perfect fabrics.  Surprise, surprise, they are grey, but no one is actually surprised.  Grey with an “e” is much more mysterious than gray with an “a.”  That is my complete and professional opinion. And I like mysterious.


I made this one for my lovely Sara, for her laptop.  It’s mostly reversible, but not completely. Oh what, mustard yellow, I’m know you’re shocked. Remain calm.


Kindle sleeves.  I suppose Nooks could use them too, but you know, I’m partial.  More politically correct, E-Reader sleeves. This orange fabric was love at first sight.  I made one with the lace detail and one without.

I do plan on making some more and adding them to the shop, in the next few weeks, so if that excites you, stay tuned.

Here comes that weekend, good ole reliable weekend.


  1. both awesome. I'll have to buy a new device I can't afford just so I can use one :)


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