Monday, February 13, 2012

Impending adventure

We’re moving in approximately six weeks… somewhere.

Sometimes, God puts together two artist adventurers and we say, “Here we go.”  Then He says, “This will be fun.”

Sometimes, we make wild declarations for our love of the unknown and then He says, “Well, in that case…”

And sometimes, even when we throw grown up fits, the kind laced with logical and reason, when we think we want all the answers, out of the depths of our heart, our greatest desires surge from within and speak to us.

Matt came home from work one day last week.  That afternoon I had a conversation with a friend, the kind that always leaves me encouraged and remembering my dreams.  He took one look at new art on the wall and said, “Are you trying to tell me something?”  I said, “No, I’m trying to tell us something.”

This, my friends is the current state of things.

Hold on tight.


Ayden waited as Maven sat patiently by the fire.  His silence only made the time pass more slowly. 

What was he listening for? Only the wind dared speak.  Would his commission come from the mountain’s breath?  Would the north or the east call his name?

How would he know when to leave and begin his pilgrimage?

How would he know which way to go?

When he could bear it no longer, he chanced to interrupt his mentor and blurted, “When will I begin?

“Now,” Maven replied.

“Then which way do I go?” Ayden could not hide is frustration in his asking.

Maven instructed, ”Anywhere there’s not a path.”

Suddenly Ayden realized that all through the night it was Maven who waited on him.

{Entry 392/The Perils of Ayden}


“I’m afraid,” he confessed as maven stood with him in the place where his quest would begin.

“Of what?” Maven asked in his calming voice.

“For this journey.  Have I learned all I need to know?” Ayden queried.

“Ayden,” he replied, “You know all you need to learn.”

“What should I take with me?” Ayden continued.

“Leave all you have and take all you are.”

Ayden persisted, ‘And the path, is it safe to travel?”

Maven looked at him sternly for the first time he could remember and scolded him, ‘it is not safe to remain! it is not the place but the presence that upholds you!  This is your own certainty. Go! Walk were no man has walked, yet you find footprints.”

{Entry 709/The Perils of Ayden}

Excerpts from Erwin McManus’ Chasing Daylight.


  1. You know someday's you read something and it just hits the spot, like that is just what you needed at that exact moment in time. . . . this post was that for me so thank you:) Hope your impending adventure is all you wish for.
    Jess x

    1. Jess, I love how that happens. And I thought it was really just for me. I wish the same for you!

  2. Beautiful! So thankful for your courage.

  3. Wow, I'm excited for you both, and to see where God leads you! "Go! Walk were no man has walked, yet you find footprints" - that is so uplifting and inspiring. Wonderful words.


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