Wednesday, March 7, 2012

KONY 2012

In 2006, I said yes to a wild adventure when I took a job based out of Los Angeles.  Our company traveled the United States presenting a message of character and hope to thousands of students.  My route took me from Baltimore to San Diego and many places in between.  It was a tough job, living out of a van and hotel rooms,  but it was exciting and new.  And of course, it changed my life, because I met this guy there, now I pick up his socks and he listens to me rave on and on about things like Downton Abbey and why it’s ridiculous that he says he does care who Katniss ends up with in The Hunger Games. 

During my time in California, I was able to visit some friends who were doing the same kind of thing, traveling the country, sharing a new message, and falling in love.  I remember visiting their offices one weekend, which was a great big warehouse, full of supplies and tools that they used to tell a story.  They had a dream to make a difference.

Today that story is blowing up all over the internet as their latest campaign for justice and hope is gaining momentum.  A great force of evil needs to be stopped and children need to be rescued.  As the film says, because were you live shouldn’t determine if you live

As people, we often wish to turn our eyes from injustice, because it seems so great and we can feel so small, but our voices together, a voice that cries out for action, hope and love, nothing in all the universe can be louder.

So, if you haven’t heard what this is all about, find out more here or watch below and then use your own voice however you can.  Please know it is about 29 minutes long, but you won’t regret it.

Kony 2012


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