Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rainy day us.

The sweet rhythm of  gently falling rain.  A world painted grey and green.  The beautiful calm.

Earlier this morning, great booms and wild lightning woke us to listen their marvelous tale, a love story, for certain. I watched frenzied light flash across the palest blanket of bluish-gray.  I shook with the thunder and let the sleepy drip drop of the rain lull me back to sleep.

All the windows are open, the scent sweeps through our home and dances with the incense that drifts from the kitchen.  There is a natural rhythm to life in the way of weather, in the way that spring jolts us to life and summer is a flutter of activity; how the fall romances us with the best colors (and scarves and cute boots) and most phenomenal smells and then how winter beckons us inside. 

And when the rain pours down and refreshes the hues of browning green, we are invited to delight in a standing offer of  slowness.  Most of my favorite things pair well with rain: steamy coffee, books, wellies, Nora Ephron movies, baking, creating, and Coldplay, of course.  Rainy day music is something I know. 

My kids, they get rainy days too and it thrills me.  We stayed in bed and their eyes got big with each boom, not scared big, but wow big. Do you see the rain, Harper, he asked his sister.  Rain, she points. Thunder rattles.  Do you hear the thunder, Harper?  Tunder., she answers.  He is pleased, as if she has completed her lessons properly. 

Now they built block robots on the floor and watch Curious George and every so often, check the status of the great, wet outdoors.  They are calm inside and it shows all the way through to their faces and in their contented spirits.  I am so thankful for a life that allows this.

The way the earth invites us into these brief seasons of calm is something I hope they always know.  I hope they allow the rain to fall without blame when it trumps preconceived plans.  When they leave the grocery store and it instantly pours three times harder,  I hope they don’t see inconvenience, but whole heartedly step out and let it wash over them.  Clothes dry and two marvelous minutes of standing in the rain can do wonders for most anything. 

The rain reminds us we are small and not in control and we need that, because for all our dreams and plans we think we are.  We need the sun to point us forward fully alive with  passion and possibility and we need the rain that whispers sweet nothings of stillness. 

Joining with dozens of others for Just Write.


  1. I love it. Now, I wish it was raining here. It's a little overcast, which is nice too. Keep writing!

  2. Wow, such beautiful writing. I was there, listening to the rain too...

  3. I love it so much when I get to sit in the quiet with your words. I know just what you mean.

  4. This is so beautiful. I wanted to close my eyes as I was reading it, but *obviously* that wouldn't work. Lovely narrative.

  5. Okay, you have wowed me here. This is amazing writing.

    I am a weather-person, too. Deeply influenced by the rhythms present in the rising and setting, shining and dripping. I find the greatest surrender, like you said, in accepting these seasons and all the love messages they bring.

    Thank you for the stillness that lives in your words.
    Leaving blessed.

  6. Where is the rest? This felt like the perfect first page of a new novel & I was anticipating what happened next & wanted to get to know the characters you introduced! Absolutely beautiful!!! You write in a timeless fashion... one that you would expect to explore in a group discussion among true connoisseurs of the written word... I hope to one rainy day sit with a cup of steaming hot tea (sorry) & smell the freshly printed pages of your first novel as I settle in for a great adventure with your family!

    1. I hope that one day you will have that book. I will do my best. Thanks for your kindness!


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