Saturday, January 23, 2010

nice to meet you.

Welcome to my blog, I’m Liv. The Saturated Palette is where I document my life, creativity, and inspiration.  I’m married to my favorite, Matt and we have two little wonders, Big H (boy) and Little h (girl).

I think creativity is a way of life, a gift to be shared, so that’s why I share.  I also think you are creative, even if you don’t. You should try it sometime. I believe that life is full of truth, beauty, possibilities, and meaning, do you see that too?  Life isn’t always easy or cheerful, but it’s overflowing with goodness waiting to be found, everyday magic ready to be discovered.

I’m crazy about coffee (I drink it black), mustard yellow and grey, brie cheese, the ocean, thunderstorms, good books, painting, sewing, and baking.  I absolutely love change and I am completely right-brained.  I loathe baseball, politics, artificial sweeteners, schedules, and wearing socks.

I’m glad you stopped by and I’d love to hear from you, because you have a good story too.

Contact me by e-mail at (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. hey thanks for adding my link to your page! I just noticed!

  2. I'm Olivia too! and an English Major. and I love Anthropologie. and I want to have a sweet loving family just like you! beautiful post! xoxo

  3. hey!! thanks for linking to me! cute photos of your family and amen to not posting for photos!! :)

  4. You sound fabulous!!! Love how you write - the way you paint pictures with your words! So looking forward to getting to know you better
    Nichola xxx


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