Thursday, April 1, 2010

I’m back.

Hello.  I’m back.

Here is a quick review of the past ten days:  Dad visiting, baby sick, ER trip,  baby ok now.  say goodbye to our beloved church family, finish packing,  load up moving truck (not me, the husband), clean apartment, spend wonderful last day with friends,  say goodbye to empty apartment, get in car and drive to Kansas, spend day with in laws, watch The Brothers Bloom- beautiful film, drive to Minnesota, see family, meet new nephew, unpack, attempt to get settled, return moving truck, convince my husband that I need at least two items from the liberty of london line,  meet mom for dinner, sign up for employment agency (via mother), watch Lost, hear gunshots from down the street, witness neighborhood being turned into yellow tape party/crime scene, and finally, spend this entire day doing nothing but just being and recovering from the ten days of crazy land.

We’'ll be living with my brother and sister-in-law for a couple months until we find work and our own place.  It’s nice to be around them.  And we already have people to watch Lost with on Tuesday nights, which is very important.

Now, I’m sitting in the beautiful sunroom with the wind chimes dancing in the wind.

It’s been way too long since I’ve done anything creative, unless fitting my little family of three into a large finished basement counts, which I would argue that it does.  It’s rather cozy down there, but it’s much different than the three bedroom home that we just left.  The box spring to the bed wouldn’t fit in the basement, so our mattress is on the floor.  It kind of feels like a fort and we like forts.

So that’s my update on this adventure of a life…  it’s a good one.

Don’t forget to check the other blog that will catalogue the journey of our little family with big big dreams…. away we go.


  1. "It feels a little like a fort, and we like forts."

    That's my favorite part of this blog! Made me smile. Glad you guys seem to have settled in ok- a little scary about the crime scene business, huh?
    Give Hudson a hug from me, and high five from Nathaniel! : )

  2. Okay, the crime scene reference reminded me of when I helped my friend Becky move a couple years ago...the DAY we moved her in her new apartment, there was a shooting ONE apartment building over. It was freaky to say the least! Glad you all are getting settled in. :)

  3. Oh dear! You've had your plate very full. I think I'd skip the portion of gun shots and crime tape...not something I could stomach or digest very easily!

    Praying that jobs surface quickly and you get on your feet and are able to enjoy your new town!


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