Monday, August 8, 2011

fall asleep smiling

Yesterday was the kind of day that you fall asleep smiling.  We slept in, visited a new donut shop and enjoyed maple glazed bacon long johns.  Truthfully, I don’t know how I lived 27 years with bacon-less donuts.  Then we visited the farmer’s market, where we found radiant purple “red” onions and plump, scrumptious tomatoes. On one corner, a man played his accordion, down a little ways, a smooth summery sound came from a saxophone, isn't open air music magical?

It was a perfect 79 degrees, free of humidity, sunny and sweet, ideal for an evening at the beach. 
After basking the sun,  splashing in the water, seeing the rays flicker and dance creating a show of yellow and 100 shades of blue, watching my husband and son happily playing in the sand and my baby cooing and laughing in the breezy fresh air…
Any more goodness might be overkill, but think Sleepless in Seattle, coffee, brie, and apples.
I wish this kind of good day for you.


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