Sunday, August 21, 2011

New in Shop- Postcards

My paper collage prints are now available in postcards!  They are fun, quirky, and unique. When I designed the originals, I used acrylic paint, charcoal, pages from old newsprint, and craft paper. Then we did a little digital touch up for the finished look.  I am so fond of this series, because it was one of the creative moments that just happened, those are the best kind. 
They are available in sets of 3 (one of each design) or 9 (three of each design). 
I love postcards and a little handwritten note.  I know I’m not the only one, there’s just something about snail mail, when you normally expect bills and junk, a friendly little card is such a surprise.
You can find them here in the shop.
And remember this sneak peek that I mentioned… be looking for the announcement this week.


  1. To anyone reading this - I have prints of these collages and they are AMAZING! Great purchase!

  2. Your postcards are wonderful and I love the felt reader sleeves!


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