Wednesday, August 31, 2011

four years

Wedding Anniversary Card

I pulled back the curtain and was swept away by the softest breeze, grey hovered around, faint storms lingered in the distance and Moon River serenaded the air.  I closed my eyes and etched in my mind everything about this moment.  A magical little morsel of goodness just for me.

On my father’s arm, I walked to meet a man who was standing in front of the most beautiful red barn.

The minister forgot to instruct the guests to sit down, they stood for the longest time. We wondered just how long it would take until they got a clue. A fly was feasting on our communion bread, we tried not to laugh too loudly, as Ernie prayed.  We pretended to sign the marriage license, with our best man and matron of honor, except we only needed one signature, no one ever knew until now.

It was wonderful.

I’d marry him all over, even without the guests, the food, the music, the parasols, the twinkling lights, the dress… all the details that made it so special.

I’d stand in front of that barn holding his hand and promise him my forever, I absolutely would.

Four years.  Happy Anniversary my love.

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  1. Happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary my friend! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!

    LOVING your new husband/wife fabulouso cards.


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