Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Sewing Report/ LLTSA Bucket Hat (Almost)

I don’t know if this really counts as the Oliver + S bucket hat, but it is… minus the brim, insert my own brim, trim, and vintage buttons.  I like to break rules after all. Isn’t the point of a sew-a-long to see how everyone makes the same pattern with their own spin?  It reminds me of an old solider cap.  I know your favorite part is the Thomas pajamas, and the run around the room and under the table while mommy takes pictures concept. It came so naturally to him. Enjoy.
This blanket was made for a very special little boy who is about to become a big brother to twins!  I can’t wait to see how it looks in his new room, once his lovely mama sends me photos.
And sometimes the best way to end something is…
the end.


  1. Nick is so about to lose one of his many flannel shirts so I can make your version of the hat for Hendrix :)

  2. Okay...wow! I love your spin on the hat.

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  4. Clever way to make the hat! I really like the vintage buttons on the side.

  5. @Cindy

    Thanks Cindy, I think the buttons are my favorite part.

  6. oh gorgeous. seriously. I'm now determined to remake the bucket hat & rework the brim as well... love it. (here via the sew-along)

  7. It's a really great idea and your boy looks great that way!

  8. Fantastic! The combination of that fabric and the vintage buttons is perfect.

  9. What a great twist! I never thought about changing the brim! So clever!

  10. Hi I read Jessica's blog and saw your hat on it and I love it. was it complicated to make?

  11. @Rachel Hey Rachel, It wasn't hard at all. I followed most the instructions for the bucket hat, except parts about the brim.

    I've been thinking about making another one, maybe I'll include steps and photos and share it on my blog!


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