Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Sewing Report

A sweater for my boy, made from an old sweaters.  I added wool patches the the elbows, I love elbow patches, they’re so cute old man. The collar is this faux-turtleneck/scarf ordeal with Velcro.  I get such satisfaction out of designing things for boys, it’s just different than cute little dresses for girls, do you know what I mean?  Some of my favorite pieces have been for him, like this jacket.  Maybe, I just love outerwear, and by maybe, I mean I absolutely do.  Is a sweater technically outerwear?

I love this pillow, late one night I felt the unquenchable urge to sew, and that’s how it happened. It adds so much color and fun to our living room.  I couldn’t resist the free as birds fabric from cloud 9, paired with a red linen and yellow lace.  The reserve side is plain, because I could only buy a few birds, sadly not all of them. I now want to redo all the pillows into fun, mix-matched designs, I don’t even know how I’ve had matching pillows for this long.  I apologize for that boringness. I should know better.

I bought some fabric for dresses, but it turns out it’s not fabulous dress-making material –literally. I also have cute coat patterns that I’ve been dying to make for that baby girl of mine, who I caught doing a downward dog this morning.  I’m very disappointed in her behavior.

Speaking of sewing, that talented Jessica is hosting an Oliver + S Little things to Sew-a-long.  Each month, we are making one project out of the book.  I’m excited to start.

There is it, the sewing report.

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  1. oh I bet that collar looks soooooo cute on. I'm dying to make new pillow covers for the living room. It's been down toward the bottom of the list, but seeing yours bumps it up a few notches.


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