Friday, November 13, 2009

everyone needs a little more cozy…

Even my favorite coffee mugs.  I can’t help but do that silly little giggle that I do when I find something irresistibly cute, you know, high pitched voice, scrunched shoulders and nose…

I’ve become crazy about knitting since I learned how and it may appear that I’m having way too much fun doing it.

Meet my coffee cup cozy, and some have some alliteration.


Cute, yes?  You know you want one.  And those are the Chocolate covered Espresso Shortbread Cookies that I wrote about hereIMG_1011

I added some of my new/old buttons for easy application and a bit of extra cuteness… IMG_1012 Never again will you be unable to hold your favorite mug full of warm drink goodness because the mug is too hot… never again. Thanks to the super cute coffee cup cozy you are safe!

P.S.  The husband thinks it’s silly, but I think his t-shirts are silly, so we’re even.


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