Saturday, November 21, 2009

hang a shining star…

I don’t know how the baby went a whole Christmas without having a stocking hanging above the fireplace in between mommy and daddy’s, but he did.  It’s sad, but he was two months old and he’ll never know what he missed.
But, do not fret, he will never have to go another Christmas season without his very own stocking.  I waged a mental battle between purchasing one and making my own.  Guess which idea won.
I had recently cut up a brown wool sweater that was getting a little small, which makes sense because I bought it like five years ago.  I kept the bodice of the sweater as a fun little vest, still looking for the perfect thing to wear it with… but the sleeves… well, they seemed to make the perfect stocking.
I cut the sleeves down one seam, shaped them like a stocking,  then hand stitched the two pieces together.
Cut two odd shaped circles and for the toe and heal and did a little hot glue gun magic, then applied brown yard for the trim.
My hot glue gun and I are good friends.
The H is from a pair of old argyle knee high stockings applied with the hot glue gun and trimmed with more yarn.  The buttons are two vintage buttons from my mother-in-law, from her mother.
I love it more than any stocking I could ever buy in a store.
Christmas is coming!!!
Cute stocking for my cute baby.
Cute. Cute. Cute.


  1. thanks Olivia! The photos were actually taken at the Vancouver aquarium. :)

  2. We all know that you have created many unique and wonderful things, but this is by far my favorite.

  3. Thanks everyone. I love it too, I'm so glad I decided not to buy one. It was so fun and definitely got my in the Christmas spirit... now I want to make new ones of us too.

  4. Love it - very cute, Liv! And the last pic is adorable. :)


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