Wednesday, July 28, 2010

baby growing diaries, entry #2

Here are a few titles for this post:

A) Peace out first trimester.

B) Small victories in the land of food.

C) I finally chopped off my hair.

Sadly, I’m not one of those girls who waltzes through pregnancy feeling 100% glowing and radiant, showing no signs of sickness, exhaustion, and discomfort.  I am also not of those lucky ladies (80% according to all the websites), who magically starts feeling better, the moment the second trimester starts.  So that puts me in the remaining 20%, who get a few more weeks of all-the-time sickness fun.  Maybe, it makes my baby cuter?

Thought: The term “morning sickness,” is a lie, a straight up lie. The truth is this time, I feel best in the morning.  I feel great in the morning.  I feel worse in the afternoons, then progressively terrible by evening.  So, if you don’t already know better, morning sickness is a lie.  It should really just be called weeks and weeks of constant sickness.

However, I have had a few small victories that are worth noting.

Small Victory #1

On Sunday morning, I woke up to the delicious, heavenly aroma of the French press.  It smelled amazing and everything within me believed, today is the day.  I successfully drank a quarter of my over-sized mug.  I couldn’t describe the taste without sounding like some crazed coffee-loving addict, so I’ll just say, yum.  The story gets better when I can report that I felt great the rest of the day.  So, in my books, this was a huge moment.

PS.  I am a crazed coffee-loving addict.

Small Victory #2

My dear husband has been wanting enchiladas for some time now.  Naturally, Mexican food with all its meat and strong flavors hasn’t been anywhere on my list of foods that I even want to think about, but just because I’m anti-most-foods, doesn’t mean that the poor husband isn’t starving and meat deprived.  So, I added the PW’s white chicken enchiladas to this week’s menu.  Yesterday, while I was attempting to be “super-hero-making up for all the nothing that I have been doing- wife,”  by doing laundry AND making a real homemade dinner…  it seemed like the perfect day for the enchiladas. 

As I was chopping the onions, peppers, and making the rich, creamy, cheese sauce, it looked so good that one small part of my brain pondered eating it.  For a few moments, I wondered where this foreign pro-carnivorous thought came from… but I was so hungry, I didn’t fight it.   The chicken won.

Just as I remembered, it was delicious…. and even though I had the equivalent of one small, corn tortilla sized enchilada, that’s more chicken than I’ve had in months.  Again, no sickness to report.

I know these are small and trivial victories, but you have probably been eating whatever you wanted for the last two months.  You’ve probably been enjoying your morning lattes and afternoon coffees.  You’ve probably been snacking on ice cream and brownies…. which of course, make me sick.  You’ve been dining on dinners from the grill and camp fire, hearty dinners consisting of good old meat.   So whatever, I’m growing a sweet little baby.

Now for the last bit of news.  I chopped off my hair, a good 4-7 inches.  The following conversation was partially responsible.

Me:  Sister, I want to chop off my hair, short and cute like this. I love it.

Sister:  I don’t know, that haircut says, “I’m young and I want to have fun.”  Your hair now says, “I’m a mom.”  I think that’s more appropriate.

Me:  (Eyes wide and a look of disgust sweeps across my face.)

In her defense, she didn’t mean that to be as tragic as it was, so I wasn’t truly that devastated.  But, honestly, while I adore being a mom… it’s not really a word I want to be associated with my hairstyle.  I mean, right? Are you with me here?

So, I finally went and had the overgrown”mom” mane removed and now I’m sporting a cute, “I’m a young mom, who wants to have fun and be stylish look.”  Plus, it’s so much cooler, especially on days like this where the first digit of the temperature is a 9… followed by another.

To wrap up this entry, just remember…. coffee. chicken enchiladas. chopped hair.

Small victories and pleasures on this baby growing adventure.


P.S. Is there anything better than hearing that perfect little heartbeat?

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  1. Is it weird that remembering all of these sick and tired parts of pregnancy totally makes me want to get pregnant again? It's like I feel so bad for you and am so jealous of you at the same time :)

    I want to see your new hair.


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